Opponents of filmmaker Michael Moore are making the most of an endorsement his Bush-bashing film “Fahrenheit 9/11” received from terrorists affiliated with Hezbollah.

The Guardian of London reported today organizations related to the Middle East-based terrorist network have offered to help promote the film in the United Arab Emirates.

The terror-war supporting organization Move America Forward released a statement today saying the news about Hezbollah proves a contention it made about terrorist endorsement of Moore’s award-winning documentary.

Earlier this week, Move America Forward Vice Chair Melanie Morgan declared: “It would be more appropriate to have this propaganda shown at al-Qaida training camps rather than American movie theaters.”

The organization released an “apology” for Morgan’s statement today, saying she didn’t go far enough with her criticism.

“I regret that we limited our comments solely to the terrorist organization al-Qaida and failed to mention that other terrorist groups, like Hezbollah, would also rally behind this film,” said the group’s chairman, Howard Kaloogian.

“‘Fahrenheit 9/11’ serves one purpose and one purpose only: to undermine the United State’s war against terrorism. This is precisely why Move America Forward has asked Americans to register their dissatisfaction with movie theaters that choose to show this film.”

Concluded Kaloogian: “Now is the time for Americans to stand united behind the men and women fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan to preserve our safety and national security, not promote the agenda of radical terrorist organizations like Hezbollah.”

Tina Brown reviewed the movie for the Washington Post, hammering Moore for his use of “wacky insinuations.”

“In Moore’s version of Iraq nobody was hanging from a meat hook in Saddam Hussein’s jails. Baghdad was a happy city where children frolicked in the streets until boom! we blew them away,” she writes.

“The invasion of Afghanistan? That was just a cover for running an oil pipeline across the country. …”

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