Israel’s air force yesterday carried out a retaliatory bombing of a Hezbollah outpost in southern Lebanon that fired anti-aircraft shells into Israeli territory earlier in the day, an IDF source confirmed to WND.

The army announced it destroyed the Hezbollah outpost used to fire the shells.

A security source said Israel would continue to respond forcefully to what it sees as deliberate attempts by Hezbollah terrorists to harm civilians and disrupt the peace along the Lebanese border.

“Following the Hezbollah attack, the Israeli air force targeted and destroyed a Hezbollah outpost in the western sector of southern Lebanon, from which a canon was used to fire on northern Israel … under the guise of anti-aircraft fire,” the army said in a statement.

The Israeli strike follows Hezbollah’s firing earlier yesterday of anti-aircraft shells over the border with Israel, hitting an Israeli army base but causing no casualties.

The attack, during which shell fragments landed in an army base east of the Israeli border town of Shlomi, came amid heightened tensions between the Jewish State and Hezbollah.

On June 8, Hezbollah struck Israeli positions in the Shebaa Farms area, a day after Israeli warplanes raided a Palestinian base near Beirut. That strike, first reported in the U.S. by WND, followed what Israel called an attempt by Lebanese guerrillas to shell its naval craft.

Israel withdrew from Lebanon in May 2000, after maintaining a security barrier on the Lebanese side of the Israel-Lebanon border to protect Israeli civilians from cross-border terror attacks.

The international community, including the U.N. and the EU, certified Israel’s withdrawal from Lebanon as complete, but Hezbollah claims Israel is still occupying the Shebaa Farms, a small village on the border where Israel, Syria and Lebanon meet, and uses that as pretext for further attacks against Israel.

An IDF source told WND further escalation by Hezbollah may result in retaliation against Damascus as well. Syria occupies Lebanon with 25,000 troops, and is a major backer of Hezbollah.

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