In response to a recent column, I received a phone call and subsequent package of materials from the pro-life group, Life Dynamics.

Their director of marketing told me the materials would include a CD. On it I would hear audio clips of what is said behind the closed doors of a National Abortion Federation conference. He warned me that I would also hear Martin Haskell, the inventor of partial- birth abortion narrate a film of a late-term abortion as a teaching tool for conference attendants.

I let the materials sit on my desk for a few days as I subconsciously mustered the stomach to play the CD. When the time came I had to pray for strength. I didn’t know if I could listen to the narration and actual sounds of a late-term abortion. My fears were confirmed. It was awful; complete with a cry of pain from the would-be mother as she watched and listened to the doctor brutally remove the brain of the child within her.

The narration itself was cold, calculated and deliberate. So chilling it brought unexpected images to my mind of the narrated execution and beheading of businessman Nicholas Berg. Even the surreal celebration of the Berg terrorists was mirrored by the attendants viewing the abortion procedure. For when it was over, they applauded in celebration of the child’s death.

Moments later I discovered my association of these two horrifying events was no accident of my imagination but a foreshadowing of what I would hear next: The delineation of a disturbing parallel between abortion and terrorism given in the second track of the CD.

It featured Alan Keyes talking about America’s war on terrorism. He stressed that at the heart of terrorism is a willingness to act without regard to the claims or loss of innocent human life. We have seen this firsthand and on our own soil with the events of 9-11 and countless other atrocities around the world. In fact, we maintain it is this savage disregard for innocent human life that cannot be tolerated by the civilized world. And it is on this very principle that we justify U.S. action in the war against terrorism.

The irony as he puts it is that “we fight in a war against an evil that cannot be defined as evil except we accept this truth – that we owe respect to the claims of innocent life. And yet that very evil, so understood, is but the shadow of the evil that we ourselves do, that we ourselves tolerate and that we ourselves in our institutions have declared to be a right. We stand, today, a people in contradiction of ourselves.”

That contradiction is created by abortion. We condone it personally with our inaction and sanction it corporately with our laws. We are therefore complicit in the taking of innocent human life. Maybe this explains why we as a nation are not wholly committed to the war against terrorism – there is no guiding principle for protecting innocent human life from one group of people versus another. That means to some extent we have lost our standing in this fight.

So in rally of our position, I challenge us to remember that the greatness of a nation is not only measured in military might and certainly not by the rights and protections afforded to the most affluent. Rather, the greatness of a nation is measured by its might tempered with the respect, rights and protections it affords to the least and most vulnerable of its people.

As for the pro-choice position, it is easily destroyed with arguments rooted in America’s heritage of respect for God as our Creator and the source of life and our rights. It is most concisely reflected in our Declaration of Independence, which states, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

The pro-choice position is further destroyed by modern science that reveals the wonder of human development from the moment of conception; by modern medicine that now treats the unborn child as a patient; by modern legislation that amends legal definitions of “person,” “human being” and “individual” to involve any child in utero that survives an abortion as well as by modern law that allows federal prosecution on behalf of the unborn when they are a victim of violent crime.

In 1983, Ronald Reagan published a famous essay “Abortion and the Conscience of the Nation.” In it he said, “We cannot diminish the value of one category of human life – the unborn – without diminishing the value of all human life.”

So with the approaching celebration of our life, liberty and freedom this 4th of July, perhaps we should resolve to end our hypocrisy by defending innocent life from the heart of terrorism wherever we find it at home or abroad.

Call for your own free copy of the Life Dynamics CD “Fire & Ice” at 1-800-800-LIFE.

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