An Iranian woman has reportedly given birth to a frog.

According to the Islamic Republic News Agency, the unnamed woman from the southeastern city of Iranshahr delivered a live gray frog after what was called “a bizarre labor.”

The animal’s birth followed severe bleeding and was reportedly covered by mud.

Dr. Varasteh, a gynecologist, corroborated the unusual event to the Farsi-language daily Etemaad, saying the woman’s menstrual cycle had stopped for six months and a May sonogram indicated the presence of a cyst in her abdomen.

Varasteh believes the frog larve entered the woman’s body where it grew to adult size. Others, according to the BBC’s translation of the Etemaad article, speculate that she unknowingly picked up the larve while swimming in dirty water.

But not all Iranian physicians are accepting this explanation. Etemaad notes that some medical experts have commented on the frog’s similarity to a human.

A clinical biology expert, Dr. Aminifard, reportedly told Etemaad, “The similarities are in appearance, the shape of the fingers and the size and shape of the tongue.”

The “so-called frog” has not yet been tested genetically, reports Etemaad.

The woman has two healthy children.

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