An Israeli firm has developed a breakthrough technology that can see through walls, WND has learned.

Camero, a small company based in Herzliya, Israel, has developed a radar system that uses ultra-wideband technology to produce three-dimensional pictures of the space behind a wall from a distance of up to 20 meters. The pictures, which reportedly resemble those produced by ultrasound, are relatively high-resolution and are produced in real time.

The device has important military and rescue implications: It can be used by troops to get a visual on the inside of a room, providing such crucial information as the number and location of each individual and the kinds of weapons in any given room.

“The company was born of urgent operational needs,” said CEO Aharon Aharon.

“When disaster victims must be rescued from a collapsed building or a fire, time is of the essence,” he said. “Rescue forces often invest enormous resources and precious time in combing the rubble, or endanger their lives by entering the flames, even if it is not clear that there are any survivors behind the walls.”

Until now, other partial solutions were used, such as fiber optic cameras inserted through holes drilled in a wall, or certain sound amplification systems that highlight the noise in a certain room.

It has been known that radio waves can be used to visualize an image, but the kinds of radio waves available did not provide high enough resolution to be useful and could not penetrate walls built of certain kinds of metals, including steel-enforced concrete walls.

Camero developed a certain kind of ultra radio wave that can be emitted to generate a high-definition image and also invented the technology that allows the enhanced wave to pass through virtually any wall.

Aharon said an initial prototype of the device is going to be available in about a year.

One other company, Time Domain, now also uses ultra-band technology to see through walls, but Camero’s technology is considered superior in several important respects. For one, it can be used from a distance of 20 meters, whereas Time Domain’s product must be placed right next to the wall. Also, Camero gives a detailed picture of everything in the room, whereas Time Domain’s product locates objects but gives no information about their shape or size.

Israeli firms are well known for developing revolutionary technology, particularly in the defense fields. El Al Airlines recently implemented a high-tech antimissile system developed by an Israeli firm, and Israel announced it developed a Star Wars-like remote control border with Gaza that uses unmanned sensor patrol cars and computerized observation posts to automatically spot and, upon human authorization, kill terrorists, even recommending the most appropriate weapon for the system to fire against a specified target.

In addition, an Israeli security source told WND that Israel recently developed proprietary technology that can discreetly put an electronic field around a building or area that gives users the ability to monitor and control every electronic emission within that field, from electronic can openers to fax machines, computers and cell phones.

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