Already praised by the Communist Party USA and the Revolutionary Communist Party, Michael Moore’s hit film “Fahrenheit 9/11” has a new honor – great notices in the today’s edition of the Socialist Worker, the newspaper of the International Socialist Organization.

“Millions upon millions of people in the U.S. are terrified at what George W. Bush has in store for them if he wins another four years in the White House,” the story reads. “This is the secret of the success of Michael Moore’s ‘Fahrenheit 9/11’ – a documentary film that exposes the crimes of the Bush presidency, from the war for oil and empire in Iraq to the attacks on working people in the U.S.”

The newspaper decried “the slanders of the Bush administration – and the pious complaints from the corporate media about Moore’s lack of ‘objectivity'” in the film, which has set box-office records for a documentary. It “speaks to all the long-held doubts and questions about Bush’s war on the world in the name of stopping ‘terrorism.'”

The socialist organ added that the movie was not just “preaching to the choir,” citing a letter to the editor by a “lifetime Republican” in the San Jose Mercury News as evidence: “[W]hen you consider all of it, you cannot come to any other conclusion than this: The Bush administration and its benefactors have clearly manipulated the fears of the American people for the benefit of their own private interests.”

Last week, the two most prominent communist organizations in the country – the Stalinist Communist Party USA and the Maoist Revolutionary Communist Party – both lined up in their publications in endorsing “Fahrenheit 9/11.”

The CPUSA’s People’s Weekly World gloated that the film that rakes the Bush administration over the war in Iraq was packing theaters across the country and the RCP’s Revolutionary Worker newspaper noted the camaraderie of the fellow believers who packed theaters to witness “this thing” that promised to change the country.

“‘This thing'” is exposing the government – and the Bush crew that runs it,” the Revolutionary Worker review said. “Exposing the war in Iraq, the Patriot Act, the stealing of the 2000 election, the worship of the rich, the corruption in high places, and the lies – above all the LIES, that have now been used to conquer countries, send young men and women to kill and die, and cynically keep millions of people in a manipulated ‘state of alert.'”

The review continued: “‘Fahrenheit 9/11’ is hilarious, and savage, and (despite the howls of rightwing attack dogs) overwhelmingly factual. People are sick – to death! – of being muzzled, stifled and gagged. And in this onscreen rush of images and sound, there is a feeling that the cork has been popped. It’s like an opening shot to this heated, politicized, dangerous and oh-so-crucial summer.”

“Michael Moore has found his own creative way to say “NO!” to this Bush agenda, to its juggernaut of war and repression,” the Revolutionary Worker said. “He has said it with his satirical, impish and provocateurish riffs – from his own, social democratic point of view.”

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