Amnesty for terrorists? Where’s the outrage?

By Michael Evans

Americans are dead – 865 of them – and 5,394 have been wounded so that Iraq can have sovereignty. Less than a week after assuming power, U.S.-appointed interim Prime Minister Iyad Allawi has announced he may offer amnesty to those who killed American troops. His rationale: If the attacker was in opposition against Americans, that will be justified because the United States was an occupation force.

Has the war on terror come down to blatant justification for terror – if you kill an American, you’re a nationalist, not a terrorist?

It appears the “grave consequence” for such barbaric actions in Iraq and Saudi Arabia is amnesty. Why is my president not outraged about amnesty? I’m not looking for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq anymore – I want to know if weapons of mass deception are being hidden in D.C.

Shock and Awe!

On March 31, four American workers for a security company were ambushed and killed. A boy was grinding his heels into the burned head screaming, “Where is Bush? Let him come and see this!” as the enraged mob jubilantly dragged the burned bodies through the streets of downtown Fallujah. At least two of the corpses were hanged from a bridge over the Euphrates River. All proud Americans were waiting for worldwide shock and awe!

Instead, it appears that we got amnesty, instead!

Nicolas Berg, a 26-year-old American from Westchester, Pa., was beheaded because he had a Jewish name and an Israeli stamp in his passport – the price of going on a tour to Israel. “My name is Nick Berg, my father’s name is Michael, my mother’s name is Suzanne,” the man said on the video. “I have a brother and sister, David and Sarah. I live in … Philadelphia.”

Saudi Arabians beheaded American hostage Paul Johnson, and displayed the 49-year-old aviation engineer’s severed head on a website six days after he was seized. Crown Prince Abdullah announced that the kingdom of Saudi Arabia would offer Islamic militants amnesty. This “world capital of beheading” has been responsible for decapitating 100 individuals in 2002-2003. Three of those beheaded were women. Beheading women did not even begin until the early ’90s. Since that time, 33 have lost their heads.

Why does terrorism work? The act achieves political objectives, raises money, recruits members and elicits millions of dollars in free media coverage to exploit their goals. Amnesty rewards them and sends a signal that crime pays. The Holy Grail of Understanding is this: You don’t give amnesty to nutcases who cut off heads with cameras rolling.

Daniel Pearl, a distinguished Jewish-American journalist who worked as the South Asia correspondent for the Wall Street Journal in Mumbai, India, was captured and his throat slashed, and later, his head severed by Pakistani terrorists. Does this mean that the Ebola virus of amnesty will spread to Pakistan? If so, will Osama apply for amnesty?

President Bush must be careful lest Pandora’s box is opened, and out comes the “Carter Curse of 1979.” If it does – and compliments of Iran – he will be sawing wood in Crawford, Texas, after John Kerry is sworn into office and the media announces that U.S. hostages destined to be beheaded are released.

I am a conservative, Texas Republican – a proud member of Bill Clinton’s vast right-wing conspiracy group. The last thing I want to see is two liberal senators, Kerry and Edwards, in the White House.