U.S. pastor group
supporting Castro

By WND Staff

A group of U.S. pastors has arrived in Cuba, some wearing T-shirts reading: “Regime change in U.S., not in Cuba.”

It’s the 15th trip to the island police state for Pastors for Peace, who travel there in violation of U.S. law by going through Mexico.

The group brought tons of aid to help Cuba deal with the severe effects of a drought, which has made life even more miserable than it would normally be under Communism.

Among the supplies the group brought are school buses, medicines, medical equipment, computers and books.

PFP is an arm of the Interreligious Foundation for Community Organization, based in New York. Since 1992, it has delivered 2,350 tons of aid to Cuba without requesting a U.S. government license, Cuban officials said.

The group wants to see an end to what it describes as “the immoral U.S. economic blockade” that began in the early 1960s.

Group leader Lucius Walker told Aljazeera.net yesterday that this year’s mission comes at a crucial time for some of the “most disadvantaged people in the world.”

He also condemned President Bush’s “provocations and aggressions against Cuba.”

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