Euro-Nazis alive and well

By Joseph Farah

When the euphemistically named International Court of Justice ruled last week that Israel’s security fence, credited with keeping suicide bombers out of the country and dramatically reducing the number of innocent Jewish civilians killed by terrorists, was illegal and must be torn down, it showed that Nazism wasn’t destroyed in 1945.

Beginning in the fall of 2000, the Palestinian Authority, headed by Yasser Arafat, began a systematic campaign of violence against Israeli civilians.

Hundreds of Israelis have been killed in suicide bombing attacks, all of which originated from Palestinian Authority territory. Many thousands have been severely injured.

Israel could have done what the United States or other powerful countries would do under such circumstances – wipe out the threat using its superior military forces and technology. But that would have resulted in hundreds or thousands of Arab casualties.

Instead, Israel showed restraint. Last year, it began doing what should have been done years earlier – building a security fence separating its civilian population from those who seek to kill and maim them.

Even before it was completed, the fence reduced the attacks. For example, in 2003, there were 20 suicide attacks that killed 141. In 2002, there were 25 attacks that killed 147.

So far this year, with only part of the fence in place, there have been only two suicide bombings in Israel that killed 19. There has not been a single successful attack since March.

And that’s what bothers the Euro-Nazis at the so-called International Court of Justice.

These monsters want to see Jewish blood running in the streets of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

There is simply no other explanation for their barbaric ruling that the construction of the fence along Israel’s own border somehow violates international law. There are many such border fences in the world, yet this one is the only one singled out by the Euro-Nazis for attack. How can one explain that?

Have Americans ever witnessed a better illustration of why we should never consider submitting ourselves to the authority of international, globalist agencies and organizations?

If the Euro-Nazis can look at these life-saving statistics and rule against a security fence in Israel, how do you suppose thy will rule when U.S. interests are at stake?

Anti-Americanism and anti-Semitism are alive and well in Europe. The German Nazis may have been defeated in 1945, but the evil ideology, the murderous mindset, the hateful philosophy behind it is very much alive on the continent. And this ruling is evidence of it.

Think about it: If the International Court of Justice can rule that a sovereign nation doesn’t have the right to defend itself by building a fence to keep out attacks, it can likewise rule that the United States cannot maintain its own border security.

There is only one suitable response to this ruling. The United States and Israel should withdraw from the United Nations, from the International Court, from every single global agency to which they have submitted themselves and their people. These are hostile foreign enemies, not partners for peace. They seek to destroy the independence of free people. They seek to destroy lives in our countries. They seek to knock down those nations that are self-reliant and defend themselves and their people.

It’s time we called a spade a spade when it comes to these kooks in Europe, from which many of our ancestors rightfully fled. They are jealous, envious, spiteful, ungrateful haters of America, of freedom and, most of all, Jews.

Let’s wash our hands of these menaces. Let’s be done with them. Let’s separate ourselves from them. Let’s declare our independence once more.