If old lies work, why tell new ones?

By Mychal Massie

I continue to find it interesting that for the bravado, for all the garrulous talk, for all the race-baiting comments, and certainly for all of the “Republicans are racist and interested in keeping you [black] folks down” talk, Democrats are only able to choose white liberals for national and key party positions.

Kerry seems to have taken this to a whole new level, having to first be reminded that he had no blacks in key campaign positions, then selecting the fourth-most-liberal senator in the senate as an unambiguous example of white privilege and superiority.

Kerry-Edwards is yet another flagrant example of what liberals really think of blacks. To the Kerry-Edwards liberals, it is sufficient to show up on the church doorsteps, perform what amounts to a “Saturday Night Live” rendition of “The Old Rugged Cross” or “We Shall Overcome” while smiling and preening like Al Jolson without black face (my apologies to Jolson).

One cannot help but wonder when blacks will realize the only thing black about white liberals like Kerry and Edwards is their hearts. And the only thing they view blacks as being good for is a few million votes in election cycles.

Until their track record for appointing blacks to key national positions improves dramatically, it would be good for them to stop attacking conservatives. But we shan’t hold our breaths for that one shall we?

Once again I ask the question I have asked every presidential election and off-year election cycle since Jimmy Carter: What have liberal Democrats done for blacks other than raise the misery index?

Once again the answer is zip, nadda, nothing, zilch – unless one counts delivering pre-packaged messages of inferiority as counting toward something positive.

I don’t hide my contempt for elite liberals as a whole – having pulled my head out of that place which graces a saddle long ago. And coming from a lifelong belief (even before I realized it) in meritocracy, I don’t want to hear how bad I have it – I want to hear how good I can have it.

I don’t want a slick, botox-lipped, snake-oil salesman to tell me how he is my only hope for a better life. But I get ahead of myself.

Kerry believes in a woman’s right to choose (read: a woman’s right to murder her unborn child). That notwithstanding, he has recently claimed to believe life starts at conception, making all the more deplorable his pro-abortion position.

Yet he claims to have blacks’ best interest in mind. Has he not seen national studies showing abortion as the No. 1 killer of blacks? Has he not wondered why the majority of abortion clinics are located in or near black and minority neighborhoods?

Kerry claims 1 million more poor and minority students will graduate from college if he is elected president. My question to Mr. Kerry is: Why does it take being president to be concerned about minority graduation rates? When he loses his presidential bid, will he still be interested? And where has he been all of the years he has been playing the liberal playboy, marry-a-rich-widow senator role? Wasn’t there a college-graduation problem for minorities then?

Wasn’t he concerned about the abuses to undereducated blacks, thinking they could punt, pass and kick their way out of the ghetto only to find themselves without professional contracts and without college degrees?

Kerry tells black church groups he will encourage their students to study math, science and technology by spending $100 million more of taxpayer’s money on scholarships for college with large minority enrollments.

But he offers no insight into his plans to curb black-on-black crime, disproportionate illegitimacy rates, homes without fathers, etc. He offers no insight into the phenomena of black students purposefully failing so as not to be like “whitey.”

I submit blaming President Bush is not the answer. Nor is having Kerry’s vice presidential candidate, John Edwards, set his litigation brothers on the schools for failing to prepare students.

I submit the only evil perpetrated upon blinded blacks greater than crack cocaine, is liberal Democrats. Instead of treating minorities with the respect and encouragement they give their own children, they treat them as handicapped retards. And to their impassioned delight, it still works.