Sharon blames world court
for bus bombing

By Aaron Klein

Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon said yesterday’s bus bombing in Tel Aviv, which killed one woman and injured 20 others, was a consequence of the world court’s ruling Friday that Israel’s security fence is illegal and must be dismantled.

“The murderous act this morning is the first that occurred to the credit of the decision of the world court at the Hague,” Sharon said. “The decision sends a destructive message to encourage the terror and denounces countries that are defending themselves against it.”

He called the ruling a “slap in the face” to Israel’s fight against Palestinian militants and said his nation “totally rejects the decision.”

The International Court of Justice, which Sharon says has no jurisdiction over Israeli matters, ruled “[it] is not convinced that the specific course Israel has chosen for the wall was necessary to attain its security objectives. … The construction of such a wall accordingly constitutes breaches by Israel of its various obligations under the applicable international humanitarian law and human rights instruments.”

At a Cabinet meeting yesterday, Sharon urged countries fighting global terrorism to join Israel in condemning the court ruling, which doesn’t mention the Palestinian terrorism that, Sharon says, forced Israel to build the fence in the first place. Later, he planned to meet with the attorney general, justice minister and other top officials to discuss the ruling.

The decision was nonbinding, but the Palestinians hope to use it to build international opposition at the United Nations against Israel.

Palestinian terrorists immediately praised the court decision. “The International Court of Justice verdict is additional proof that the Zionist entity was an entity that reneged on all international norms and laws,” said a Hamas statement.

The Palestinians have said they will seek the support of the U.N. General Assembly and then go to the 15-nation Security Council, which could pass a resolution demanding enforcement of the ruling.

Israel has asked the United States to block U.N. action, and said it will continue building the West Bank security fence, of which one-quarter is already complete.

Sharon Spokesperson Raanan Gissin told WorldNetDaily, “the court decision sent a message to all the Palestinian terrorists that they can continue their terrorism without consequence … and so they did, with a bus bombing in Tel Aviv.”