Arab bomb victim backs security barrier

By Aaron Klein

Sammi Masrawa, a 29-year-old Arab Israeli wounded in yesterday’s Tel Aviv bus bombing, told reporters from his hospital bed that he now supports the West Bank security fence that the International Court of Justice claims is “illegal.”

“A month ago I went to protest the fence,” Sammi said, “Now I believe it can only strengthen us.”

The bombing came just two days after the world court ruled that the barrier breaches international law and must be dismantled. The U.S. and many European countries argued that the world court was not the appropriate venue for a legal discussion of Israeli security matters.

Sharon said the Tel Aviv attack was a direct result of the Hague’s decision, which he says encourages terrorism.

Masrawa was the head of a local committee calling for coexistence between Israelis and the Palestinians. But now he says he wants them kept apart.

“These terrorists don’t differentiate between Jews and Arabs, they just want to kill,” he said.

Masrawa had just descended from a bus on his way to work as a chef in a Tel Aviv restaurant when a bomb hidden in the shrubs behind the bus stop went off.

Bus driver Eyal Gazit said he initially thought the bomb was on his bus.

“Suddenly a large boom, a cloud of black and all the bus was covered … the windows blew out,” he told Israel’s Army Radio. “There were screams … the passengers were jumping over each other trying to escape from the bus.”

At the bus stop, Israeli television showed cigarette butts floated in a pool of blood next to a black, high-heel shoe. A rescue worker carried off a bloodstained bag as others searched the road for body parts.