News that explains our world

By Dennis Prager

In an interview with the New York Times Magazine, William F. Buckley Jr., on the occasion of his taking leave from National Review, the magazine he founded 50 years ago, was asked a series of questions. Needless to say, given the politics of the New York Times and its interviewer, the questions were nearly all challenging. But nothing quite prepared a reader for this one:

“You seem indifferent to suffering. Have you ever suffered yourself?”

In one sentence, a New York Times interviewer summed up the liberal view of conservatives – “indifferent to suffering.” As I have long believed, in general, conservatives think liberals are fools and liberals think conservatives are evil.

“There are signs, too, even dramatic ones, that fissures are opening up inside the Sunni-driven insurgency” (New York Times).

You needed to read to nearly the end of the article to read the above. The world’s news media are rooting against an American, meaning a George W. Bush, victory in Iraq. But there are reasons for optimism regarding America’s effort to introduce freedom to the Arab world.

A major reason aside from the extraordinary work of the American military and its courageous commander in chief is Iyad Allawi, the prime minister of Iraq. As a rule, the world recognizes great people only after they have died, and Allawi may turn out to be another Arab dictator. But based on what he has thus far accomplished, on his anti-Saddam activities before that and on his extraordinary courage in the face of repeated attempts to murder him, Allawi may be one of the few great leaders in the world today. Even if you’re an atheist, you should pray for him. The bad guys – and they are very bad guys – hate him more than they do President Bush.

The Connecticut branch of the American Civil Liberties Union – the Connecticut Civil Liberties Union – “informed the Windsor Locks School District that it would face [legal] action if education officials chose to allow a presentation by clergy at Windsor Locks High School on homosexuality and related topics.”

The high school had previously invited a gay activist organization, the Stonewall Speakers, to address students on homosexuality and same-sex marriage. In order to attempt to present an alternate view, the school then invited clergy to speak to the students.

Because “the clergy was supposed to offer a view based on religious scripture,” Annette Lamoreaux, a legal director of the CCLU, “reported that the clergy presentation could violate the Establishment Clause of the United States Constitution and the Connecticut Gay Rights Law, which prohibits discrimination based upon sexual orientation … She added that it would have violated the rights of gay and lesbian students to equal protection …”

Here is another “smoking gun” illustrating the secular and leftist brainwash American children receive throughout their school life. For no defensible educational reason – especially given the poor general education that so many Americans receive – a public school invited gay activists to address students on behalf of same-sex marriage. But clergy defending man-woman marriage are not allowed to be invited.

The story also illustrates what ought to be considered a truism: The threat to an open society almost always comes from the Left. The most effective myth of my lifetime has been that the threat to an open society comes from the Right. In light of the fact that nearly every totalitarian regime in the 20th century was of the Left, the effectiveness of this myth is all the more remarkable. Yet, this successful attempt by the ACLU in Connecticut to stifle freedom of speech is just one more example of the totalitarian temptation that lies at the root of leftist ideals.

Finally, if civil libertarians now demand the stifling of speech on behalf of man-woman marriage, imagine what will happen if same-sex marriage becomes legal. Traditional Christians and Jews will increasingly be marginalized by the Left in the media, academia and in law – and declared as immoral as racists.

And a nationwide Canadian poll found that more than 40 percent of Canada’s young people consider America “evil.” It is not possible to overstate the destructive effect that the leftist education establishment and the leftist news media have had on Western Civilization.

Combine this with a similar poll in Europe that found Europeans believe that the United States and Israel are the most dangerous countries in the world and you begin to understand the moral havoc wrought by schools and news media.