Hague-wash: Court of ‘Justice’ ruling a joke!

By WND Staff

The United Nations has outdone itself again. In an almost unanimous decision, the International Court of Justice ruled Friday that Israel’s security fence – which is credited by even Hamas with keeping suicide bombers out – violates international law, and must be dismantled.

The court proclaimed “[it] is not convinced” that Israel’s security fence “is necessary to attain its security objectives.”

Palestinian leaders were, of course, overjoyed. Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Ahmed Qurei described the ruling as “historic,” while Yasser Arafat called the decision a “victory for justice.” And when Arafat shoots the “V” sign, you know something smells bad.

The decision, though, was already made before the “justices” reviewed a single piece of “evidence,” when the U.N. General Assembly sent the issue of the separation fence to the court last December, asking it to prepare an advisery opinion on the “legal consequences arising from the construction of the wall in the Occupied Palestinian territory.”

The language of the request itself prejudged the outcome: The Palestinians call the barrier a wall, despite the fact that 90 percent of it is actually a fence and could be moved. And the international community does not consider the West Bank “Occupied Palestinian territory,” but rather “disputed territory” whose status must be determined in negotiations, as per Security Council Resolution 242, which has guided Israeli-Arab peace talks for the past 25 years.

But the decision – however negative it was expected to be – was so off base, I wasn’t sure whether to laugh or cry. You see, not only does the route of the fence “gravely infringe a number of rights of Palestinians,” but it seems the Hague is “not convinced” Israel even needs the fence for security reasons at all.

Oh, please! Every conceivable statistic shows the security fence is keeping suicide bombers out. Throughout the intifada, not a single terrorist was able to infiltrate Israel from Gaza because it had a preexisting barrier. And as soon as Israel started building the West Bank security fence, Palestinian suicide bombings into Israel proper dropped in half. Now they’ve been entirely halted.

Even the terrorists themselves blame the fence for their inability to carry out attacks. In an interview featured on WorldNetDaily last week, Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri urged women and children to join the jihad because they can more easily pass through the security fence and fool Israeli troops.

But to all the Israeli and American Jewish leaders throwing a hissy fit about the crazy court ruling, I say: Calm down. The only thing the Hague accomplished Friday was to affirm to the civilized world that its court – like the United Nations itself – cannot be taken seriously when it comes to Middle East issues.

There might be a temporary flurry of Palestinian diplomatic activity for a few weeks, with their desperate attempts to have the court ruling upheld by the U.N. Security Council or the General Assembly. But who cares? The votes will be blocked by the United States and maybe even some peace-loving European countries. Other than that, the Hague decision simply makes the United Nations more irrelevant than it was the week before.

I mean, has Kofi and crew still not realized they lost the right to condemn Israel and be taken seriously after U.N. peacekeepers in Lebanon openly allowed themselves to be exploited by Hezbollah to commit terrorist attacks against Israel? Or when the United Nations was caught red-handed hiding a videotape and other crucial information about three IDF soldiers kidnapped by Hezbollah using possible U.N. cover?

Perhaps U.N. leaders assumed we moved on. But it was only a year ago that the U.N.’s furious campaign to investigate Israel for “war crimes” in Jenin was exposed as a total sham and made the esteemed international body the laughing stock of Washington and Tel Aviv.

And yet they keep at it. Israel builds a fence to protect its civilians, and the people accused by the Hague are not the terrorists, not the murderers, not the aggressors, but the victims. In fact, the detailed text of the court decision didn’t once mention the Palestinian terrorism that forced Israel to construct the fence in the first place.

Sharon spokesman Raanan Gissin put it well the other day when he said the U.N. court ruling “will take its place in the trash bin of history.” It already has, Raanan: The United Nations is the trash bin of history.

Aaron Klein is WorldNetDaily’s special Middle East correspondent and has conducted interviews with Yasser Arafat, Benjamin Netanyahu, Ehud Barak, Shlomo Ben Ami and leaders of the Taliban.