Rape scandal
rocks Saudi Arabia

By WND Staff

Two young men from prominent Saudi families have been arrested, along with their Nigerian driver, for allegedly filming a sexual assault on a Saudi teenage girl.

The rape scandal broke after the men reportedly circulated footage of the assault through mobile phones equipped with cameras.

Camera phones are widely used in Saudi Arabia despite an official ban.

Saudi Arabia, which applies a strict form of sharia, or Islamic law, imposes the death penalty for rape.

The phone clip shows the secondary-school girl, aged 17, pleading as she is assaulted by the driver, while one of the two men, apparently her former boyfriend, hurls insults at her.

Sources close to the investigation said a 19-year-old, who had a falling out with the girl, was urged to exact revenge by the second Saudi accused, a 23-year-old, after she spurned advances by the older of the pair. The Nigerian accused of raping the girl worked as a driver for the family of the former boyfriend.

A Riyadh police source said that policemen have been deployed outside the houses of the men’s families for fear they will be attacked by members of the girl’s family seeking revenge, according to Albawaba.