Student who refused to cuss wins settlement

By WND Staff

A Mormon acting student at the University of Utah who refused to recite lines that included swear words has won legal settlement from the school.

Christina Axson-Flynn, 24, had sued the school in federal court, the Associated Press reports, accusing the university of violating her to right to freedom of speech and religion.

The lines she refused to recite included the f-word and God’s name.

The controversy began during the 1998-99 school year. She says she feared professors would retaliate against her after he refusal to participate, so she withdrew from the university.

Axson-Flynn will be reimbursed $3,000 to $4,000 in tuition, AP reported. While the University of Utah agreed to allow her to re-enroll, the woman says she will attend a different school.

In the future, a student’s request to be excused from a class exercise will need to be approved by a professor, a dean and a university vice president.

According to the report, Axson-Flynn said she still plans to pursue acting and does not think she will have trouble in the industry because of her beliefs. She says her mother and father, both actors, have been successful despite their convictions.

“I wouldn’t have a hard time at all making a career in acting holding to morals, no matter what those morals were,” she told the news service.