Voters to resurrect cross on county seal?

By WND Staff

Controversy over the removal of a cross from the county seal of Los Angeles is being resurrected, as voters may get the chance to vote this fall on the symbol’s presence.

A motion was introduced this week by two county supervisors, Don Knabe and Mike Antonovich, to put the issue on the ballot this November.

But the L.A. Times reports the effort to keep the cross on the seal has little chance of winning the four votes needed to pass, as the other three board members – Gloria Molina, Yvonne Burke and Zev Yaroslavsky – have consistently voted to remove the cross to avoid a lawsuit over its constitutionality.

The board previously voted to delete the cross, after pressure by the American Civil Liberties Union which claimed the symbol violated the U.S. Constitution’s preclusion against government establishment of religion.

Ironically, the most prominent image in the L.A. County seal is one of Pomona, the pagan Roman goddess of fruit, though the ACLU did not object to the goddess in its push to have the cross removed.

In the wake of coverage of the issue in WorldNetDaily, thousands of residents have been urging the board to keep the cross on the seal.

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