Slim-Fast cans Whoopi

By WND Staff

Whoopi Goldberg in ad for Slim-Fast

Comedian Whoopi Goldberg will no longer appear in ads for Slim-Fast diet products following her off-color performance at a fund-raiser for John Kerry, the company announced.

Slim-Fast said it was “disappointed” in Goldberg’s remarks at last Thursday’s record $7.5 million star-studded fund-raiser at Radio City Music Hall in New York.

“The manner in which Ms. Goldberg chose to express her personal beliefs at this event do not reflect the views and values of Slim-Fast Foods Company,” said Consumer Services Manager Kathi Eckler in a statement released to those who wrote to the company protesting the comedienne’s performance. “Slim-Fast selected Whoopi Goldberg as its spokesperson because of her commitment to losing weight, which we applaud.

“We are disappointed by the manner in which Ms. Goldberg chose to express herself and sincerely regret that her recent remarks offended you. Advertisements featuring Ms. Goldberg will no longer be on air. ”

Republicans have expressed outrage over the fund-raiser for Kerry and his vice presidential running mate, John Edwards, in which entertainers lined up to skewer the president.

The New York Post said of Goldberg’s appearance at the event: “Waving a bottle of wine, she fired off a stream of vulgar sexual wordplays on Bush’s name in a riff about female genitalia.”