Perpetuating the hatred

By Hal Lindsey

The mainstream media is filled with stories about last week’s International Court of “Justice” decision that Israel’s security fence violates “international law.” And “international law” is whatever the International Court of “Justice” says it is, allowing the court to legislate from the bench, and then to render decisions based on that judicial legislation.

That is why it is necessary to put quotes around “justice” when using the ICJ’s full title, and in ascribing “international law” as the basis for its decision.

What isn’t getting much attention in the global press is the reason Israel decided to erect the barrier fence in the first place. There is no hope for peace with the Palestinians. The Palestinians don’t want peace, they want Israel.

As evidence, one need look no further than the Palestinian kiddie summer camp in the Nuseirat refugee camp near Gaza City. More than half the kids at this summer camp are under 15, some as young as 10. The curriculum includes lessons on how to assemble explosive devices, and how to fire automatic weapons.

On the physical education curriculum, campers get to take part in such sporting events as running an obstacle course that includes jumping through burning tires and crawling under barbed wire as live ammunition is fired over their heads.

The graduation ceremony includes the staging of the mock kidnapping and execution of a Palestinian terrorist posing as an Israeli terrorist.

The Nuseirat camp is being run by the “Popular Resistance Committees,” which killed three Americans in the Gaza.

The two-to-three-week course is attended by up to 150 kids at a time, all of whom graduate fully prepared to kill as many Jews as possible, unflinchingly willing to die in the process if necessary.

The Palestinian bloodlust is so intractable that even the United Nations is slowly being forced to confront it. Take U.N. Middle East Envoy Terje Roed-Larson’s report to the U.N. Security Council. Larsen is no friend of the Israelis. Indeed, Ariel Sharon has refused to meet with him since being elected prime minister in 2001.

The Palestinian Authority – with the eager assistance of outfits like CNN, al-Jazeera and ABC – has long sought to convince the world they are powerless to end the terror and seek peace as long as they are under “occupation.”

To the Israelis’ astonishment, Larsen exposed it as the lie it always was, telling the Security Council:

The fact that Arafat is locked up in the Mukata in Ramallah is no excuse for the PA’s complete lack of cooperation in clamping down on terror organizations.

He also told the Security Council that Yasser Arafat is personally responsible for torpedoing the Egyptian initiatives to bring together the Palestinian preventative security apparatuses.

The Palestinian Authority’s response to Larsen’s report to the Security Council was for Yasser Arafat to personally declare him persona non grata in the “Palestinian territories,” accusing him of being “biased toward Israel.”

Why? Because Arafat’s goal was never peace – as I’ve been saying since before the ink was dry on the 1993 Oslo Accords. Arafat’s goal was, is, and will continue to be the destruction of the Jewish state in the Middle East.

Even the United Nations can’t deny it anymore. No matter how much they try.