What John Kerry’s America will look like

By Ben Shapiro

This week, I began to think for the first time about what I would write if Sen. John Kerry were elected president in November. But then, I realized I should write that column now. What good would it do to awaken people to the dangers of a Kerry administration after that administration had been elected? Here, then, are a few predictions of what will transpire in the unlikely event John Kerry becomes the most powerful man on Earth.

Major terrorist attacks will occur in the United States. John Kerry clearly does not recognize that the fight against terror must be pre-emptive: No amount of wheedling, cajoling or appeasement will convince Islamo-fascist terrorists not to murder Americans. Terrorists must simply face death or capture, but Kerry operates under an amorality designed by the United Nations and therefore feels that American pre-emption is not an option.

Little on Kerry’s resume suggests that his views have changed radically since the 1970s, when he demanded that U.S. troops be sent around the world at the behest of the United Nations. Not only that: If Kerry has his way, the much-maligned but incredibly productive Patriot Act will fizzle, allowing terrorists to roam virtually unhindered throughout the United States.

Gay marriage will become a reality across the country. Passage of a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage has been rejected by the Senate. And with the radical gay-activist agenda moving full steam forward, it seems very likely that the Defense Of Marriage Act will soon be struck down by the courts, forcing states to accept gay marriages from other states.

Even if DOMA is left standing, though, liberal activists are willing to circumvent the law, as they have in San Francisco and New York. What would President John Kerry do to protect the sacred institution of marriage? Nothing. He opposes a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage – and he was one of only 16 senators to oppose the Defense Of Marriage Act, comparing advocates of DOMA to 1960s racists who opposed interracial marriage. Get ready for Mr. and Mr. Smith if Kerry is elected.

Your taxes will rise. If you’re a government leech, vote for John Kerry. Otherwise, a vote for John Kerry means more out of your paycheck. Don’t buy the Clintonesque political demagoguery that Kerry will sock it to the millionaires while leaving the rest of us untouched. Look at Kerry’s Senate record instead.

If you’re a member of the middle class, Kerry wants to raise your taxes. If you own stocks or a car, Kerry wants to raise your taxes. If you die or get married, Kerry wants to raise your taxes. Even if you use the Internet, Kerry might want to raise your taxes – he said in 2001 that online taxation would be needed in the near future. Kerry voted against the Bush tax cuts. Kerry has promised a tax increase of $700 billion – and that’s a low-end estimate. If he actually fulfills his campaign spending promises, make that estimate closer to $1.7 trillion. Don’t be surprised if a Kerry administration transforms economic boom into stagnancy or even recession.

The military will be crippled – again. Like Bill Clinton, Kerry purports to be a military supporter. And, yes, Kerry served his country with honor. But Kerry’s actions upon his return to the United States and his efforts on behalf of the anti-military faction of American liberalism are inexcusable. During his tenure in the Senate, Kerry repeatedly voted to cut back the military – in 2003, Kerry voted against $87 billion to support troops in harm’s way. He also campaigns for allowing open homosexuals into the military, a move that will surely undermine morale and morality in our armed services. Kerry insists he will strengthen the military, but which John Kerry will show up? If Bill Clinton was any indicator of Democratic “strong” military policy, we’re in real trouble.

These are only a taste of what a Kerry presidency would bring. A vastly liberal Supreme Court is not a probability but a virtual certainty. Abortion would be reinstated in the pantheon of leftist government-sponsored programs. Public education will revert to its previously unaccountable status. America’s energy resources will not grow, and dependency on foreign oil will remain.

Trial lawyers will have a vocal advocate in the White House – and when health-care costs go up because of unjustified lawsuits, government-run health care will be proposed as a solution. The legal immigration system will not only remain broken; it will be completely destroyed as Kerry encourages more benefits for “undocumented immigrants.”

The America portrayed here will be John Kerry’s “stronger America.” I just pray we do not have to live in it.