Will America commit ‘hara-Kerry’?

By Craige McMillan

“Seppuku. Noun. Ritual suicide by disembowelment formerly practiced by Japanese samurai. Also called hara-kiri.”

– Dictionary.com

I remember during the election campaign of 2000 that Rush Limbaugh frequently gloated over how entertaining it would be watching the political left in America self-destruct. I wonder if he still feels that way?

Admittedly, reasonable thought has never been a hallmark of American leftists. This can be seen in most newspaper articles (the vast majority of journalists being only moderately to the left of Marx). Typically, these articles hang their facts on one or two tear-jerking exceptions to the rule. They then end the article by demanding we remake public policy to accommodate this or that long-suffering individual.

Such alleged journalism is one reason America has been laboring with the millstones of affirmative action, socialist public education and “progressive” taxation around her neck. The former creates forced converts, while the latter punishes any rebellious achievers for the express purpose of rewarding, encouraging and institutionalizing failure. Not coincidentally, the byproduct is the purchase of public elective office for the enablers, who now inhabit the hollow carcass of the Democratic Party.

The political left in America today holds local public schools through its teachers unions; colleges and universities through its academics; local, state and federal government through its bureaucrats; 90-plus percent of radio, television and newspapers; the federal judicial system (including the Supreme Court, regardless of who appointed them). These are aided and abetted by financial nutcases who have raped and pillaged their way to billionairedom, and now feel compelled to “give something back” in the form of a communist utopia where you and I pay for their “generosity.” And let’s not forget that mystical land to the west where the sun never sets on Camelot – Hollywood.

All of these leftist institutions and flash-in-the-pan luminaries are of one mind: President George Bush must go! Since they are incapable of presenting a coherent argument as to why this is so, they have been reduced to strafing civilians and voters via media operatives with their ignorant, deceitful and outrageous claims of “lies” of every sort imaginable (and many well beyond imaginable). It is as if 9-11 never happened for the left: Airliners full of Americans weren’t hijacked by Islamist warriors, nor were they flown into buildings full of thousands of other Americans starting their day at work – their last day.

Anyone who doubts we are at war could read Osama’s Declaration of War against America, published in 1996.

Having endured nearly a year of America’s leftists thrashing around in an election cesspool of their own making – yelling “Fire!” on a daily basis when their heads bob to the surface – I have to put this question to Rush Limbaugh: Is it fun yet? Is this what you call entertaining? Or is watching human beings descend beneath the realm of animals in both their reasoning and actions not the most heartbreaking thing you have ever seen? And what are the implications for our nation?

Theresa Heinz Kerry, a billionaire by right of inheritance, has received no significant scrutiny as to how she spends the hundreds of millions under her control in a series of private foundations (totaling well over a billion). No one of any prominence in the so-called “fifth estate” has seen fit to investigate – public records are available – just how Mrs. Kerry might be using her first husband’s money to buy the election for her second husband. No one seems concerned about how Mrs. Kerry might benefit financially from her husband’s election as president. Indeed, no one seems concerned how she might have benefited from his votes as a U.S. senator.

Similarly, no one in the fifth “estate” seems concerned about the finances of a Hungarian billionaire who is spending millions of his own dollars to defeat an American president. Beyond publishing his press releases, they seem incapable of understanding that he may just have an agenda that could benefit himself at the expense of America, including its leftist zealots. If you doubt that, ask the Bank of England how his trading affected their nation’s currency, and what it did to ordinary citizens.

This same “fifth estate” has expressed no interest in how Democratic Party operatives are illegally coordinating the election campaign, with Clinton administration “retirees” heading “independent” 527 non-profits. These reporters – most of whom are nothing more than Democratic Party operatives being paid by their respective news agencies – seem quite prepared to take the personal denials of collusion by former members of the most deceitful administration in American history as “the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.”

So I think at this point it is worth asking: Will America commit “hara-Kerry” by electing the left’s man this fall?