Democrats are gonna get us killed!

By Kevin McCullough

For the protection of the American people, the political left in America must be stopped in the next election. If not they may end up getting us all killed. This is the theme of the opening chapter of Hugh Hewitt’s commendable new book, “If It’s Not Close They Can’t Cheat.”

But before I had even cracked it open, I was already saying this on my radio show on a regular basis. Democrats are slow to realize it, but this year – in the election cycle they need to be protected – even from themselves.

Just days ago, as first reported by the New York Daily News, the Fox News Channel, and the New York Police Department, Democratic activists have openly solicited disruptions of the Republican convention – posting detailed instructions on the Internet showing how to purposefully mislead security forces around the location of the convention. The goal of these instructions was to create chaos and confusion, and purposefully thwart the anti-terrorism measures that are being put into place to keep the American people safe. And these activists are doing so knowing that the convention season has already been targeted as a prime opportunity for terrorist actions to be carried out.

The most insidious direct threat as reported by the Daily News included having activists spend a minimum of an hour at a gun shop, skeet range, or target facility then boarding a public train and heading directly to the heart of the convention – Penn Station. The activists were then instructed to loiter near the police dogs, even pet the dogs to try to allow the dogs to pick up the scent of the gun powder saturated in their clothes.

The instructions said it would work best if there were multiple activists standing in the separate doorways of the train so as to pick up multiple “positives” by the dogs. Activists were also instructed to play dumb as long as possible and to try to see how much confusion and resources would be brought in before finally confessing that the gunpowder had gotten on the clothing at a shooting range.

“With any luck,” the posting said, “Madison Square Garden will be evacuated.”

Other ideas by the group included throwing bags of marbles under horses’ hooves as the horse patrol officers around the convention site. The marbles would cause the horses to lose their balance and create great pain. One other suggestion included shooting the horses with the marbles out of sling shots.

Those encouraging these efforts would desire our nation to be made weak and vulnerable just 30 blocks from the footprint of Ground Zero, all while terrorists are already telling us they hope to attack during the convention season.

But its not just the activists doing the damage – the man who now leads the Democratic Party is gonna get us killed as well.

Last week, on the internationally broadcast “Larry King Live” show, John Kerry was asked, “News of the day, Tom Ridge warned today about al-Qaida plans of a large-scale attack on the United States … what’s your reaction?”

Now keep in mind that Kerry was “squeezing in” Larry King between hair appointments and rushing over to Radio City Music Hall to embrace Whoopi Goldberg’s monologue about the comparison of our president to the female sex organ as the belief that makes up “the heart and soul of our country”.

His response to King?

“Well, I haven’t been briefed yet, Larry. They have offered to brief me. I just haven’t had time.”

He did not elaborate as to why he “didn’t have time” – though it would seem pretty obvious that the person who was wishing to be the next commander in chief of the War on Terror would make time if necessary to see to it that he knew what was being planned. At the very least he should want to know if the Democrat convention itself is being targeted so he could make the weighty decisions necessary to help protect the Americans who will be gathered to support him.

Someone desiring to be commander in chief, who “just hasn’t had time” to take advantage of security briefings that the Pentagon is under no obligation to offer him is a remarkably disturbing picture of Sen. Kerry’s priorities.

For the good of the nation – and for the good of themselves – Democrats need to be beaten in November. Because if not, they’re gonna get us all killed!