Roy’s rock goes
on national tour

By WND Staff

The Ten Commandments monument at the center of former Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore’s battle with the state will go on a national “God Bless America” tour planned by a veterans group.

With Moore’s blessing, the Houston-based American Veterans Standing for God and Country will take the 5,280-pound granite monument on the road beginning Monday in Tennessee, according to a pastor and member of the group, Wiley Drake.

After circling the nation, the aim is to drop off the marker at the U.S. Capitol where Moore has asked Congress to display it.

As WorldNetDaily reported, Moore announced in May he will appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court his removal from office.

The announcement came after a special court April 30 unanimously upheld the November decision of the Alabama Supreme Court to oust Moore for his refusal to remove the monument from the rotunda of the state courthouse.

Moore’s legal team will file with the U.S. Supreme Court by the Aug. 5 deadline, 90 days from the final judgment of the specially selected Alabama Supreme Court.

In November, Moore announced he will propose federal legislation to reassert the power he insists Congress already has to limit the jurisdiction of federal courts.

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