Where’s Clinton
on Berger affair?

By WND Staff

WASHINGTON – With his former national security adviser in the cross hairs of a Justice Department investigation into the theft of highly classified papers, former President Clinton has been uncharacteristically quiet.

As the Sandy Berger scandal reached a fever pitch yesterday, Clinton was in Denver promoting his best-selling book, “My Life.”

He attracted a crowd of several hundred at the Tattered Cover bookstore in the mile-high city before attending a fund-raiser in suburban Littleton for a memorial to the victims of the 1999 Columbine shootings.

Clad in a black suit and powder blue shirt and red tie, Clinton hugged some of his well-wishers at the bookstore and greeted all book purchasers with a handshake.

Before he started signing books, he strode over to talk to television and newspaper reporters when one yelled a question about Berger, under criminal investigation over the disappearance of terrorism documents.

“I think the innocent explanation is the most likely,” Clinton said. “I know him. He’s a good man. He worked his heart out for his country. He did a fabulous job against terrorism.”

According to today’s Denver Post, Clinton was aware of the probe of Berger for several months, calling it a “non-story.”

“I wish I knew who leaked it. It’s interesting timing,” the ex-president told the paper.

“I feel terrible for Sandy. But I just believe his explanation because I know how much he cared about this … terrorism business,” Clinton continued, describing his former national security adviser as a “workaholic” who has “always been up to his ears in papers.”

Berger said he went to the National Archives at the request of Mr. Clinton to review classified documents.

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