Senators link Kerry
to Berger scandal

By WND Staff

WASHINGTON – Two Republican senators yesterday demanded presidential candidate John Kerry explain the role of Sandy Berger in his campaign, following revelations the Justice Department is investigating the former national security adviser for taking highly classified documents related to the Sept. 11 terrorism investigation out of the National Archives.

Sandy Berger

Sen. Gordon Smith, R-Ore., accused Berger of “taking highly classified documents, stuffing them in his trousers, using them for the Kerry campaign, and then admitting to destroying those documents.”

“He says it was sloppy,” said Smith. “I will admit to you, when you stuff classified legal documents in your briefs, it looks sloppy. But it may be worse than that. And in fairness to the president of the United States, it’s important that this be followed and pursued so that the American people can know that the predicate of many of the charges made against George W. Bush are based upon lies and deception. And the American people need the truth on these matters.”

Sen. Saxby Chambliss, R-Ga., said he found it coincidental that the missing documents had to do with security at airports and seaports – areas in which Kerry has been critical of Homeland Security policies.

“Now, I would hope that, number one, the Kerry administration would immediately disavow any connection with Sandy Berger, that they would come forward with any documents, whether legal or illegal documents, that have been presented to them by Sandy Berger, and that we can bring this matter to a close very quickly,” Chambliss said. “No accusations are being made about how they used or if they used these documents, but this is extremely sensitive, folks, and this involves a significant breach in our intelligence community, and the Kerry campaign needs to come forward with the answers to this.”

Chambliss went on to point out that after the documents were taken, “John Kerry held a photo-op and attacked the president on port security. The documents that were taken may have been utilized for that press conference. They were then destroyed, according to Mr. Berger.”

“And as a member of the Intelligence Committee, I deal with classified documents every single day,” he said. “We know better. And Sandy Berger knew better. And for gosh sakes, Senator Kerry knows better than to utilize those documents in any way, and we think it needs to be called into question as to whether or not they have.”

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