‘Sex and the City’ star accosted at Western Wall

By Aaron Klein

Actor Chris Noth

Mr. Big, otherwise known as actor Chris Noth, one of the stars of the TV series “Sex and the City,” was accosted yesterday while visiting the Western Wall by supporters of convicted spy Jonathan Pollard.

The actor, who arrived in Jerusalem Sunday as part of a series of visiting celebrities coordinated by Israel’s Ministry of Tourism, expressed a desire to be taken to the Western Wall. At the site, Noth’s political escort, Minister of Tourism Gidon Ezra was sharply taken to task by supporters of Jonathan Pollard.

“The group reproached Ezra for wasting his time baby-sitting an American movie star, instead of using it to fight for the release of an American Jew who has spent the last 18 years in prison for his activities on behalf of Israel,” a source from Justice for Pollard told WorldNetDaily.

Ezra reportedly told the Pollard supporters that they were damaging Israel. When they refused to stop chanting “Free Pollard!” they were removed from the scene by the minister’s security detail.

Noth, also known for his role as Detective Mike Logan on NBC’s “Law & Order,” will tour Eilat, Tel Aviv, and the Dead Sea during the remainder of his trip.

While in Israel, Noth will film a new advertising campaign for deodorants produced by Careline, an Israeli company. He will be paid $250,000 for the ad.

The actor was invited to Israel after he spoke out against a tour cancellation by Madonna in May 2004, according to Ari Marom, director of North American marketing operations for the ministry of tourism.

“He considers himself a supporter of Israel and we followed up on that and invited him to come,” Marom said.

Noth told reporters he would like to return to Jerusalem “just as a citizen,” not as a celebrity. He said he wanted to show that Israel, like New York, is a safe place to visit in spite of the violence.

“If because of whatever celebrity status I have, my visit means something a little bit more, I’m happy to let [the public] know everyone should come here,” Noth said.