Michael Moore a ‘maggot’?

By Les Kinsolving

Editor’s note: Each week, WorldNetDaily White House correspondent Les Kinsolving asks the tough questions no one else will ask. And each week, WorldNetDaily brings you the transcripts of those dialogues with the president and his spokesman.

At today’s White House news briefing, WND asked presidential press secretary Scott McClellan about unauthorized use of military-related footage by Michael Moore in his movie “Fahrenheit 9/11.”

WND: Scott, as commander in chief, the president is surely aware of the fact that the mother of U.S. Air Force Maj. Gregory Stone, who was killed in Iraq, has called the filmmaker Michael Moore “a maggot that eats off the dead,” for using the major’s funeral in his film without the family’s permission – and also using, without family permission, footage of Army Reservist Peter Damon, who lost part of both of his arms. And my question, the commander in chief wants the Defense Department to give every assistance possible if these two service families sue Moore, doesn’t he?

McCLELLAN: Well, Les, let me point out that the president is saddened by the loss of any life of our fallen in Iraq or Afghanistan. The president mourns the loss of each and every one of our fallen. They are sacrificing to make America safer and to defend freedom around the world. And the president meets frequently with the families of the fallen, and he meets frequently with those who have been wounded, as well. We are forever grateful for the service and sacrifice of the fallen.

I think in regards to this movie, it’s come up previously. I’m not going to keep discussing it here in this room.

WND: Scott, would you be at all surprised if the Democratic National Convention were to have as its speaker Ronald Reagan Jr., introduced by Linda Ronstadt? (Laughter.)

McCLELLAN: I’m not sure what that schedule is –

WND: Would you be surprised?

McCLELLAN: – but if you have recommendations that you want to make to the Democrats on their convention, I think you should forward those recommendations to the Democratic National Committee.

WND: Wouldn’t you say that it’s full of surprises?