‘Satan rules’ scrawled on Christians’ bus

By Ron Strom

Three alleged vandals slit the tires of a bus owned by a Christian tour company in Skagway, Alaska, scrawling “Satan rules” and “Satan is King!” on the side of the vehicle.

The vandalism occurred early Monday morning at a hotel in which the tourists were staying. Six of the bus’ tires were destroyed.

Anti-Christian vandalism of Christian tour bus.

The bus belongs to Christian Tours – a name prominently displayed on the side of the coach. Though the graffiti might be considered a “hate crime” in some jurisdictions, a spokesman with the District Attorney’s Office for the 1st Judicial District in Juneau, Alaska, said there were no such statutes in effect that would heighten the penalty for the vandalism.

According to Jack Schmidt, an attorney in the D.A.’s office, three people are being held in the crime, two men and one woman. They are summer-only residents of Skagway, he said. Schmidt mentioned the three allegedly committed other vandalism the same night.

Skagway police investigate vandalism.

Nancy Burke is co-owner of Christian Tours with her husband.

Burke said the 56-passenger coach was nearly new.

“The driver worked all day taking all of the writing off,” she said.

Burke explained the tourists were stranded until replacement tires could be shipped to Skagway.

“We had tires sent down from White Horse to Skagway,” she told WND. The cost of the tires and shipping was over $4,000.

Burke, who is based in North Carolina, said the vandalism “probably was” anti-Christian activity, saying she wasn’t sure what was scrawled on the side of the coach.

Photos provided to WND, however, clearly show the Satan-promoting phrases defacing the bus.

Schmidt said the people being held in the crime are Jake Beckwith, whom he describes as the “main defendant,” Nick Klimczak and Jennifer Pernack.

“Alcohol was involved,” he said, “and stupidity on their part.”

Thomas Harp is a Skagway resident.

“There is an underlying hatred towards the Christians in this town that never gets publicity,” Harp told WorldNetDaily. “There’s lots of spiritual darkness here in Alaska.”