Democrats are gonna get us killed, part 2

By Kevin McCullough

Democrats are going to get us killed. Three weeks ago I began to notice a series of news stories that were piling up one by one that demonstrated this. And for the last three weeks, I have added something to the pile nearly each day.

The important thing to point out is that they don’t care. Their hate for a president who is fighting even now to protect them is far greater than their concern over the dangers that face us in the world today. And if the choice is between protecting their reputations or protecting American lives – Democrats are choosing their self-interest – no matter the results.

The obvious addition to the pile of news coverage that demonstrates this point is this week’s nominee for the “most disheveled, sloppy, and stupid” award – Sandy Berger. Disheveled because of those unsightly bulges in his pants. Sloppy because he inadvertently stuffs papers in his trousers and socks … uh … inadvertently. And stupid because he thinks America in a post 9-11 existence will put up with this type of spin farce recycled from the mid-’90s without scrutinizing a bit more closely.

As the former national security adviser, Berger was either the most negligent and incompetent national security adviser in the history of the nation, or he is a blatant liar. Knowing the administration he worked for, it’s not hard to imagine that he may, in fact, be a great deal of both.

Joe Lockhart, former Clinton press secretary, said on the record this week, “This is a terrible experience for him, and he’s embarrassed by his mistakes … but I think he also feels a sense of injustice that after building a reputation as a tireless defender of his country that many Republicans would try to assassinate his character to pursue their own ends.”

And, of course, this is exactly the tactic that they used in defending Clinton during impeachment. Dems want to say that the entire matter is about the “timing” and how “suspicious” it is that America discovered it now. What they refuse to argue the merits of is the case against Berger.

Archive monitors were repeatedly asked by Berger to leave his secured reading room – a violation of Archive rules. Archive monitors found documents missing following Berger’s September visit and coded papers he was requesting when he returned in October – those documents also turned up missing. Archive monitors are on the record with CNN and Fox News that Berger was seen putting papers in his pockets, pants and socks. Berger did not turn over close to 50 pages of handwritten notes upon leaving the National Archives. Berger was seeking all of the drafts and copies of the same document, one that dealt with true terrorism threats. And after Berger “inadvertently” stuffed them in his pants, he “inadvertently” destroyed them.

So how did Democrats react to these serious charges of how a former national security adviser handled sensitive classified documents? John Kerry, who was getting foreign policy advice from Berger, called him a great American. Tom Daschle accused the GOP of “curious timing” so as to avoid overtly negative attention being brought out by the 9-11 Commission’s report. Only thing is, the report isn’t that damning to one side or the other.

Bill Clinton talked about how he and Sandy had a good old chuckle at how Sandy (the former national security adviser) was so messy and disorganized. And Terry McCaulliffe went out and self promoted the fact that he had filed a “Freedom Of Information Act” on possible White House correspondence in the matter. In other words, the Dems responded with smoke and mirrors to the serious charges that Sandy Berger mishandled sensitive information and then lost or destroyed it.

Yet these are the folks who want to run America’s War on Terror. They laugh at the questions raised. They impugn America’s right to keep our classified documents classified. And the need to strike something that probably was hurtful to the reputation of their administration from the record automatically trumps keeping America safe.

Why does the phrase “no controlling legal authority” suddenly pop back into my mind?

I think for the good of our nation congressional hearings must take place. Sandy Berger needs to be under oath and in front of cameras when he is asked the difficult questions related to this matter. If you agree with me then please call Speaker Dennis Hastert at (202) 225-3121 and ask him to make them happen – and preferably the second week in August.

The choice is clear – when Democrats can save their own backside as opposed to looking out for the national security of America, they dependably do the wrong thing. And that’s why I can’t escape this crucial premise as we get closer to the election: “The Democrats are gonna get us killed!”