This weekend only! ‘Finest’ U.S. freedom video FREE

By WND Staff

Until 5 p.m. Eastern Monday, WorldNetDaily is giving away one of the most acclaimed videos ever made about America and freedom, as well as five special issues of its popular Whistleblower magazine – all FREE.

“A Nation Adrift” – which masterfully chronicles American history from Christopher Columbus to the present – plus the “American Freedom Package” of five Whistleblower editions, will be sent FREE to every reader who takes out a 2-year subscription to WND’s acclaimed monthly Whistleblower magazine, or who renews their subscription for 2 years, or who gives a 2-year gift subscription before the offer expires.

Readers who subscribe to Whistleblower for one year before 5 p.m. Eastern Monday will receive the highly praised “American Freedom Package,” a $25.00 value FREE.

The video normally sells for $24.95 plus shipping, making the package of FREE gifts for 2-year subscribers and 2-year renewals valued at over $50.00.

‘Finest ever produced’

“This documentary takes you on a journey — from Christopher Columbus to Jamestown, from Valley Forge to the Constitutional Convention, from the Civil War to the Industrial Revolution, from the First World War to the Stock Market Crash, from FDR to the present,” says “A Nation Adrift” producer Brian Barkley. “Our journey will give a basic grasp of God’s sovereign hand behind the history of our nation, which our founding fathers so clearly understood. The result of this journey will give us a better understanding of where America is today, how she arrived here, and where she must turn at this critical hour.”

The 90-minute video has received high praise:

  • “Should be viewed by everyone across the nation.” –Don Wildmon, president, American Family Association
  • “I expect it to have a major impact on audiences wherever it is shown.” –D. James Kennedy, pastor, Coral Ridge Ministries
  • “An excellent video presentation of the moral and spiritual crisis in America and the urgent necessity of recovering the truth about America’s Christian heritage.” –Peter Marshall, author and historian
  • “‘A Nation Adrift’ is an excellent history lesson concerning the religious roots of America. Every person in this country, young and old, should enjoy viewing it.” –Bill Dannemeyer, U.S. congressman
  • “‘A Nation Adrift’ is one of the finest [videos on America] that’s ever been produced … the finest in content and the finest in technical quality.” –Marlin Maddoux, “Point of View” radio talk show host
  • “In only 90 minutes, a viewer can see and hear enough new and significant information to all but obviate the need to even take a U.S. history class. This video should be seen by every American.” –Dale Mason, vice president, Gospel Films
  • “An upbeat, unforgettable evening of entertainment. Feel good about America again.” –Dan Faddis, Impact Resources

American Freedom

Collectively called the “American Freedom package,” the five FREE Whistleblower issues included in this weekend’s special offer include:

  • “GUNS IN AMERICA: Latest research proves more guns mean less crime.” Irrefutable proof that gun-controllers are dead wrong in their attacks on the 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms.

  • “THE FLIGHT FROM PUBLIC SCHOOLS,” a devastating look at the current state of America’s government school system – and the spectacular growth in homeschooling, which now boasts up to 2 million participants in the U.S.

  • “ONE NATION UNDER GOD: An inspiring and in-depth exploration of the reemergence onto the American scene of God.” How post-9-11 America is being forced – on pain of never-ending terror attacks – to confront what it really stands for and what it’s willing to sacrifice for victory.

  • “BRAVE NEW WORLD: Welcome to the era of implanted chips, universal surveillance, man-and-machine hybrids and the end to your privacy.” An eye-opening tour of the technological future awaiting all of us.

  • “THE NEWS MAFIA: A groundbreaking look at media bias and the future of the free press.” One of our most popular issues – you’ll laugh, you’ll cheer, you’ll just be really, really glad you read it.

    Controversial, explosive, truthful

    Each monthly issue of Whistleblower is a fearless, in-depth exploration of one news topic of urgent importance, a topic vital to our continued freedom, but generally ignored by most of the media.

    The current issue – titled “REVOLT ON THE RIGHT: Why the Republican Party is losing conservative voters” – explores one of the most under-reported but pivotal stories of this election season: Untold numbers of American Christians, conservatives, Republicans, libertarians, constitutionalists and others “on the right” are torn over how to vote in this November’s election.

    Some are so turned off by both major-party presidential candidates they are threatening to stay home on Election Day.

    Others are abandoning, or considering abandoning, their traditional political home, the Republican Party, in favor of a third party. They regard the two major political camps as so similar – and unacceptable – that only a third-party choice seems worthwhile. After all, they say, “Voting for the lesser of two evils is still choosing evil.”

    Many others, however, plead that the “lesser of two evils” is also by definition the greater good, and that no matter what the mistakes and imperfections of George W. Bush and his administration, it’s light years better than the wholesale betrayal America would experience during a Kerry administration.

    But growing numbers of conscience-driven, traditionally minded Americans are conflicted over this choice. They’re fearful that the Republican Party in its current state is incapable of restoring America to its long-abandoned constitutional framework, but also worried that voting for a third-party candidate more to their liking would hand the presidency, and America, over to Kerry and the Democrats.

    “REVOLT ON THE RIGHT” deals with all of this as it’s never been dealt with before. First, Whistleblower unabashedly examines what’s wrong with the Republican Party, showing how all too often traditional Republican principles of constitutionally limited government and individual responsibility have been sacrificed for the sake of attaining and maintaining power.

    Then comes a close and in-depth look at the “third-party” presidential candidates – particularly for the Constitution and Libertarian parties – exploring the implications of their candidacies in what is shaping up to be a very close race between Bush and Kerry.

    And finally, “REVOLT ON THE RIGHT” puts it all in context – giving thoughtful Americans the information and analysis they need to make the best election choices they possibly can this November. In the process, readers are treated to a remarkable and unforgettable history and civics lesson.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: WND has modified its summer magazine production schedule to allow for a little staff vacation time, so “REVOLT ON THE RIGHT” is being labeled “July” – there is no “June” issue. Of course, all subscribers will still receive a full 12 issues of Whistleblower.

    The special offer for the free video, “A Nation Adrift,” and the bonus Whistleblower magazine issues is good while supplies last.

    “I am confident,” said former Constitution Party presidential candidate Howard Phillips, “that if every American took the time to view ‘A Nation Adrift,’ it would have a history-changing impact on our nation’s course.”

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  • GIVE a 2-year Whistleblower gift subscription before 5 p.m. Eastern Monday, and receive a FREE copy of “A Nation Adrift,” plus the “American Freedom Package” of 5 special whistleblower issues – a value of more than $50.00. Renew for one year and receive the “American Freedom Package” FREE!