Get the scoops from ‘Inside the Beltway’

By WND Staff

When a distressed elderly couple from Dallas explained to the then vice president, Al Gore, that his administration was “killing our Texas Eagle” – the Amtrak train route running between St. Louis and San Antonio – Gore wrote back: “Thank you for your letter … I share your view that the urgent problem of species extinction and the conservation of biological diversity should be addressed … I look forward to working with you for the future of our planet.”

That priceless item might not be front-page news, but it is good fodder for a daily column read by everyone who’s anyone in the nation’s capital.

Washington, D.C., newsmakers don’t agree on much, but they agree on this – John McCaslin’s Inside the Beltway column is must reading.

From Rush Limbaugh to Paul Begala and from Oliver North to George Stephanopoulos, McCaslin’s daily signature column in the Washington Times is praised by liberals, conservatives, Democrats and Republicans.

That’s because McCaslin is a master storyteller with a great eye for the outrageous and the entertaining tidbits and morsels of life in the nation’s capital.

Now he’s taken that knack to produce his first book – Inside the Beltway: Offbeat Stories, Scoops and Shananigans From Around the Nation’s Capital,” the latest release from WND Books.

McCaslin is a former broadcast news anchor, award-winning United Press International correspondent and member of the White House press corps during the Reagan administration. His Inside the Beltway column is now syndicated by the Chicago Tribune.

You’ll sometimes hear him sit in as a substitute host for Rush Limbaugh, who had this to say about McCaslin’s first book: “Whether he is knee-deep in the bowels of Capitol Hill, or paying his final respects at an unkempt cemetery in Brazil (yes … Brazil), McCaslin digs deep for his one-of-a-kind collection of Washington tales. You can laugh, cry and shout all in the same chapter. A fun and brisk read – and you’ll know why I avoid Washington afterwards.”

“I read two things ever day: the Bible and John McCaslin’s column in the Washington Times,” says Paul Begala, former counselor to Bill Clinton and cohost of CNN’s “Crossfire.” “That way I know what both sides are up to.”

As George Stephanopoulos puts it: “John McCaslin knows everything you always wanted to know about Washington but were afraid to ask.”

“If you enjoy reading McCaslin’s Inside the Beltway column, you won’t want to miss “Inside the Beltway,” the book,” says Joseph Farah, founder of WND Books and the man McCaslin credits with inspiring him to pen the tome.

You want samples?

“One of the most hilarious memos I ever intercepted was ‘Late submissions of reports to Congress may reflect unfavorably on the administration and the president personally, particularly when, as here, the late report is a report on why reports are late.”

Or, how about the never-before-told, complete story of how a Republican activist managed to become the central Mississippi leader of the local campaign to secure the Democratic Party presidential nomination for Howard Dean?

It’s all here – for once, with no space limitations.

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