Coulter says USA Today spiked column

By WND Staff

Columnist Ann Coulter says USA Today editors spiked a daily column they commissioned her to write this week from the Democratic National Convention in Boston.

Coulter, who’s weekly syndicated column is featured first on WorldNetDaily, filed her first report from Boston last night, but hours later editors rejected it as “unusable” and “not funny,” according to the Drudge Report.

“Apparently no one at USA Today had ever read Ann Coulter before!” the columnist said from Boston.

The column the paper rejected is posted here by WorldNetDaily.

Coulter’s column has been syndicated for five years and her books have sold nearly a million copies.

Filmmaker Michael Moore, who has “free reign” on the floor of the Democratic convention hall, according to Drudge, has been hired to write a similar column during the Republican convention.

Editor & Publisher, the industry trade magazine, said in its online publication that as of this afternoon, USA Today had asked Coulter to make changes in her column before it ran and plans to publish it tomorrow, according to spokesman Steve Anderson.

Anderson insisted the column had not been spiked.

“Ms. Coulter filed a column for today’s paper and our editors made some suggestions and asked her to consider them,” Anderson said. “But by that point it was late in the day (Sunday) and there was no rush to get it in the paper, so we decided to hold it for a day.”

Anderson would not discuss the content of the column. He told Editor & Publisher the paper contracted with Coulter because it wanted “a fresh approach to events that have largely become four-day commercials for political parties.”

Anderson ackowledged Moore, producer of the Bush-bashing film “Fahrenheit 9/11,” will do the same thing at the Republican National Convention next month.

“We wanted to give someone who would not otherwise be invited to share their opinions of the convention,” Anderson said. “The idea is they would write wry columns that would appear under the heading ‘Crashing the Party.'”

Read the column USA Today refused to publish.