‘The book that can save the nation’

By WND Staff

Just six months ago, John F. Kerry was perceived as a near hopeless long-shot to win the Democratic Party nomination for the presidency.

Today he is back from the political dead and considered a viable candidate to challenge President Bush in November.

But do the American people really know John F. Kerry?

For certain, he is a bundle of contradictions.

The 60-year-old senator’s problems have sprung from his seemingly contradictory stance on the Iraq War. He voted to authorize the U.S.-led invasion, but then criticized Bush for “rushing” into conflict without an international coalition or a postwar plan.

Kerry explained his position by blaming the president for misleading Congress on the evidence used to justify the war.

“The vote was based on the information we had at the time that we had it,” he said in the interview. “It was the right vote.”

But it was another vote – and another explanation – that gave Republicans valuable ammunition for their bid to portray him as an unpatriotic waffler.

Kerry voted against the president’s $87 billion request to support U.S. troops in Iraq and Afghanistan and pay for reconstruction in both countries after efforts to offset the cost by repealing some of Bush’s tax cuts failed.

“I actually voted for the $87 billion before I voted against it,” Kerry told an audience in West Virginia, to the Bush team’s delight.

With the Democratic Party on the eve of nominating its standard-bearer for the 2004 presidential run, an explosive expos? of John Kerry warns he will lose the war on terror, pack the courts with activist judges, gut the national defense, destroy the American economy, endanger U.S. health care and increase your taxes.

In “The Many Faces of John Kerry,” former congressional investigator David N. Bossie shows why he believes “this Massachusetts liberal is wrong for America.”

“If you know someone preparing to vote for John Kerry, you need to put this book in their hands as quickly as possible,” explains WND Books founder Joseph Farah. “This book has the potential to save the nation from disaster.”

What is really lurking behind the many faces of John Kerry?

That question is answered definitively in the newest blockbuster offering from WorldNetDaily’s publishing wing, WND Books.

“The Many Faces of John Kerry” is a hard-hitting, ruthlessly honest political biography of the 2004 Democratic nominee for president of the United States, says Farah.

The book provides readers with the hidden truth about the man some polls predict will be the next American president. It fully exposes Kerry’s peculiar voting record; his early naval discharge so he could protest the Vietnam War; his self-contradictory positions on such vital issues as health care, education and campaign finance; and the shady political dealings he’d rather voters not know about.

Bossie is the former chief investigator for the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Government Reform and Oversight. During Bill Clinton’s two terms as president, Bossie led investigations ranging from the Whitewater land deal to the illegal foreign money schemes in the 1996 Clinton re-election campaign and the illegal transfer of dual-use technology to China.

Bossie also just released “Intelligence Failure: How Clinton’s National Security Policy Set the Stage for 9/11,” and also co-authored “Slick Willie: Why America Cannot Trust Bill Clinton” in 1992 as well as “Prince Albert: The Life and Lies of Al Gore” in 2000.

Including an exclusive and revealing jailhouse interview with Kerry’s former finance chairman, Bossie has the insider’s access and the hard-nosed investigator’s savvy to ferret out the truth and present it to readers in a gripping, no-nonsense style. He lays bare Kerry’s flip-flops, lies and duplicitous stances on the war in Iraq, defense spending, tax cuts, Medicare and corporate greed and corruption – finally unveiling all of Kerry’s public and private faces.

Here’s just some of what you’ll learn in “The Many Faces of John Kerry”:

  • Kerry claims he has “never taken a dime” of political action committee money, but he has taken millions of dollars in special interest funds.
  • Kerry has criticized the Bush administration for pursuing economic policies which encourage corporations to send jobs overseas, while his wife’s own Heinz Corp. has done the same thing – but he’s remained silent about that.
  • Kerry intervened in the Senate to keep open a major loophole that allowed an insurance company to divert millions from the nation’s most expensive construction project – then received tens of thousand of dollars in donations from the same company.
  • Kerry managed to secure an early political endorsement from a major conservation group after the organization received a substantial donation from the Heinz Family Foundation, headed by Kerry’s wife.
  • Kerry decries “special interest” politics and the influence of lobbyists, but he himself has had more than 200 contacts with lobbyists since 1989, many of which had business before his Senate committees.
  • Kerry has championed his Vietnam service and belittled President Bush for getting an early discharge from the Texas Air National Guard to pursue politics, but Kerry also requested – and received – an early discharge from the U.S. Navy so he could run for Congress on an “anti-war platform.”
  • Kerry has supported nearly every tax increase or piece of legislation that would repeal tax cuts during his 20-plus years in the Senate, and is vowing to scale back tax cuts passed by the Bush administration.

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