U.S. Islamic groups host extremist Jews

By Aaron Klein

Several U.S. Islamic groups announced they are jointly sponsoring a speaking tour for the leader of the Neturei Karta, a fringe ultra-Orthodox extremist segment that advocates the dismantling of Israel, justifies suicide bombings and blames the Holocaust on “Zionists.”

The Council on American-Islamic Relations, or CAIR, announced that “in an effort to foster better cooperation between Muslims and Jews,” its Southern California chapter, along with several California mosques and branches of the Muslim Student Association, is sponsoring a speaking tour by “the renowned Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Weiss, director of Neturei Karta.”

CAIR says its association with Weiss’ group will improve interfaith dialogue and “focus on ways for Muslims and Jews to cooperate, in order to challenge racism, injustice and those who attempt to divide us along religious lines.”

The Neturei Karta have spoken publicly at anti-Israel rallies and parades under the banners of Hezbollah and Hamas. During its most recent tour, the group appeared at several colleges and universities, including the University of California at Irvine campus, where it reiterated its support for suicide bombings and suggested that Palestinian terrorism is the moral equivalent of Israel’s efforts to protect its citizens.

After Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, the founder and spiritual leader of Hamas, was killed in an Israeli military assassination, Weiss memorialized Yassin at a New York ceremony. His group also annually protests the Israel Day Parade in New York.

Yasser Arafat has pledged numerous times to appoint to his cabinet a member of Neturei Karta to supervise Jewish affairs if the Palestinians get a state.

Regarding the recent Hague ruling that Israel’s security fence, which has been credited with keeping suicide bombers out, must be dismantled, Weiss said, “We pass no opinion on the legality or otherwise of ‘the wall.’ We do however pass an opinion of absolute illegality on the Zionist state known as ‘Israel.’”

“By sponsoring Neturei Karta, CAIR is able to advocate for the destruction of Israel without having to say so,” said Kevin O’Grady, associate director of the Anti-Defamation League’s Orange County/Long Beach regional office. “Moreover, by using a Jewish group as its mouthpiece, CAIR is seeking to insulate itself against charges of anti-Semitism and posture as a broad-minded civil rights organization.”

Middle East scholar and CAIR critic Daniel Pipes, director of the Middle East Forum, told WorldNetDaily, “That CAIR and the MSA is sponsoring a Jewish group seeking the end of Israel exposes both CAIR’s deceitful ways and its horrid agenda. I look forward to the day when Americans and Canadians have understood what CAIR represents, and so rendering it as marginal to North American politics as is Neturei Karta, its new partner.”

CAIR and the Muslim Student Association long have used their organizations to sponsor groups that support terrorism. The MSA sponsored a recent tour of Al-Muhajiroun, an Islamic extremist group suspected of ties to al-Qaida, at American university campuses.

WorldNetDaily attended an MSA-sponsored speech at Queensborough Community College in New York in which a Muhajiroun youth leader told student MSA members, “We are not Americans, we are Muslims. … It is us versus them! Truth against falsehood! The colonizers and masters against the oppressed, and we will burn down the master’s house!”

The Muhajiroun leader continued: “The so-called terrorists are the only people who truly fear Allah. …We must join with these organizations. They are the only worthy causes. …We reject the U.N., reject America, reject all law and order. Don’t lobby Congress or protest because we don’t recognize Congress! The only relationship you should have with America is to topple it.”