Presbyterians or prostitutes?

By Joseph Farah

The Presbyterian Church USA represents one of the dying branches of mainline Christianity in America today.

Go into most PCUSA churches and you are more likely to hear the gospel of political correctness preached than the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The denomination is one of several plunging headlong into apostasy.

As a former Presbyterian, I know.

Nevertheless, even with the denomination in such an advanced state of moral and spiritual decay, it was disappointing to witness its General Assembly vote overwhelmingly to side with Yasser Arafat and his terrorist hordes over the only freedom-loving country in the Middle East.

That’s right. The PCUSA is the first and only church in America to vote to divest from Israel – equating the Jewish state with the apartheid state of South Africa.

U.S. Jews are understandably upset, given lingering tensions over persecution in the past. They are also concerned about another policy adopted by the church at its annual meeting – refusing to cut off funding of evangelism of Jews.

Let me attempt to put to rest any concerns about the Presbyterians evangelizing Jews. Have no fear, my Jewish friends, of evangelism by these Presbyterians. They have demonstrated their woeful inability to evangelize anyone in the last 20 years. All you have to do is look at the denominations dwindling numbers.

But the PCUSA does command a $7 billion investment portfolio. And, therefore, it is of concern that its decision to divest from Israel might set off a chain reaction among other liberal mainline denominations.

The problem with these people is not that they don’t understand the Middle East. It is simply that they are no longer able to tell right from wrong. They are no longer able to distinguish between good and evil. They are no longer able to see the difference between freedom and tyranny. They are no longer able to judge between criminal and victim.

They have, in short, completely lost their moral bearings.

This is no longer a church, it is an organization of misguided political activism. This is no longer a house of God, it is a mad house. This is no longer part of the bride of Christ, it is a whore to the world.

I know these are tough words, for which I am sure to be criticized by some of my Christian friends.

Let me say this. We have many problems in this country that need to be addressed first and foremost by the church. So often, I hear church leaders say that their commitment is exclusively to spreading the Gospel, not in making moral pronouncements, not in teaching right from wrong, not in applying the lessons of Scripture to the direction of our nation and world.

Too often the church allows itself to be intimidated by the world, subjugated by tax laws, seduced by government, cowed by the doctrine of feel-good liberalism.

That’s what has happened to the Presbyterian Church USA, once a great institution of the Lord’s work.

I would urge anyone still associated with PCUSA to divest yourself from it. Divest it of your tithes and offerings. Divest it from your last will and testament. Divest it from your time and volunteer work. Divest your children from its Sunday school classes.

For those pastors leading PCUSA churches who understand where your denomination is heading, it’s time to pack up and divest yourself of links to the denomination.

The biblical principle at stake is the one about avoiding relationships in which we are unequally yoked. Avoid such people and institutions that have turned their backs on God, on the Bible, on what is right, on what is moral.

It’s separation time.