Suspected killers just ‘bored’

By WND Staff

Three boys told police they beat to death a 55-year-old homeless man because they were “bored.”

“Basically, they said they did this because they were bored and they didn’t have anything to do,” said Sgt. Bruce Brock of the Oakland, Calif., homicide squad, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

“It ended up that their fun was harassing this homeless guy, and things just escalated,” he said. “It’s every parent’s worst nightmare to find out your child is involved in something like this.”

The three teens admitted Friday they beat Dalrus Joseph Brown, who was found dead July 17 where he often slept near an abandoned factory in West Oakland, the Chronicle reported.

Upon their confession, police arrested two 16-year-olds and a 15-year-old whose names were not released because of their ages.

The teens told investigators they came upon Brown after wandering around the streets of West Oakland in the early morning hours.

Brown never had a chance to stand up to fight back or flee, the investigators said.

“They were going to shoot some windows out of an old factory,” Brock told the Chronicle. “Then they were going to shoot some cans. They came upon this homeless man, and they decided to harass him. They started hitting him, kicking him, and then he was shot with a BB gun.”

The three teens were expected to be charged with murder today in juvenile court.

None had a prior criminal record, and Brock expected the case to stay in juvenile court.

Even veteran officers were shocked by Brown’s badly beaten body and the age of the alleged killers, the Chronicle said.

“This was such a brutal and senseless crime,” Police Chief Richard Word told the paper.

“I cannot understand how three young boys could be so cold and callous,” he said. “… Something has gone terribly wrong when anyone, especially young people, can even conceive of such acts.”