‘WMD’ smuggled into U.S. from Mexico

By WND Staff

An independent border-watch group claims it demonstrated the nation’s vulnerability by sneaking into the United States a fake weapon of mass destruction.

Two members of Arizona-based American Border Patrol, or ABP, carried a suitcase in a backpack from Mexico into Arizona July 19.

The group said the men crossed a border fence then went to a house in Sierra Vista, Ariz., without detection.

The event was captured on video, which is available on the group’s website.

“While the ‘WMD’ contained nothing but foam rubber, American Border Patrol performed the mission to demonstrate how a terrorist might bring a real WMD into the U.S.,” the group stated.

“We were careful in making this video to avoid giving terrorists any aid in performing a real mission,” said Glenn Spencer, the group’s president.

Spencer emphasized his group “did not seek to embarrass the Border Patrol but to point out the need for more resources.”

ABP technical director Mike King, a former Army sniper, and the group’s director of operations, Mike Christie, carried out the operation.

King told the Arizona Daily Star he hopes it will convince Washington that the country’s southern border is a national security risk.

“I mean, you have people with backpacks, bottles of water and zero training coming across,” he said. “I just wanted to show how easy this is for somebody with training to come into this country.”

The paper said the Mexican government might file a formal complaint with the U.S. government.

In a statement yesterday, American Border Patrol said its crew reports it may “inadvertently” have strayed a short distance into Mexico during the mission. Their intent, however, was to stay on the U.S. side, noting fences along the border are well inside U.S. territory.