Israel: Iran will have nukes by 2008

By WND Staff

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Iran’s government will succeed in developing nuclear weapons by 2008, according to Israeli intelligence assessments.

The Ma’ariv newspaper said last week a report on the assessment was presented to senior Israeli officials July 21.

The report concluded that international inspections forced Iran to temporarily halt uranium enrichment and thus delayed Iran’s nuclear capability by two to three years.

Earlier, Israeli intelligence estimated that Iran would have a nuclear weapon by 2005.

The new target date for developing nuclear arms is 2008, and Iran is stepping up efforts to make up for lost time.

Reports from the region have suggested that Israel may conduct an attack on Iran’s nuclear facility to prevent Tehran from attaining a nuclear weapon.

Iran was involved in the covert nuclear supplier group led by Pakistan’s Abdul Qadeer Khan. This supplied Libya with Chinese nuclear warhead design documents that would have allowed Tripoli to make warheads for missiles.

U.S. officials suspect the warhead information was passed to Iran and North Korea, which both have vigorous short- and long-range missile programs.

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