Help press grill newsmakers

By WND Staff

Have you ever had a tough question you wanted to ask a politician or newsmaker?

Have you ever been frustrated listening to a radio talk-show host or newsman interviewing a government official and missing the most important point?

Do you ever wish you could put questions in the mouths of the media?

Well, now you may finally have your chance.

Thanks to a new interactive forum at WND, you get to suggest THE TOUGH QUESTIONS for anyone who may ever face an interviewer again.

How does it work?

Easy. The next time you have that burning question for anyone who faces the media anywhere, just enter THE TOUGH QUESTIONS forum and jot it down.

What will that accomplish?

Just as you’re reading this story and learning about this new forum for the most news-savvy information consumers on the planet, so are dozens – even hundreds — of news people, radio talk-show hosts, reporters, producers, cable news anchors and other journalists.

Leave it to WND to make THE TOUGH QUESTIONS forum one of the important destinations for everyone involved in the media.

Not only does Joseph Farah, founder and editor of WND and nationally syndicated radio talk-show host himself, pledge to check in regularly on this forum to read the questions posed by readers, he has also agreed to write a regular column called THE TOUGH QUESTIONS for the bible of the talk industry, Talkers magazine.

Will your question get asked? There are no guarantees, but THE TOUGH QUESTIONS represents your best chance to grill the newsmaker of your choice.

THE TOUGH QUESTIONS is the latest WND interactive forum, joining all-time favorite MR. PRESIDENT! – the bulletin board that allows you to post questions for the leader of the free world. Each week, WND White House correspondent Les Kinsolving checks out the submissions to MR. PRESIDENT! for the best leads on his way to presidential press conferences.

There’s also OPERATION SPIKE, the interactive forum WND editors utilize every year to develop a list of the most under-reported stories.

And, of course, there’s the ever-popular WND Daily Poll – a feature used by thousands of people every day to sound off and express their opinions.

Check out WND’s newest interactive forum, THE TOUGH QUESTIONS now.