May God bless America!

By WND Staff

Editor’s note: The views expressed herein are the personal views of the author and not official statements of Liberty Counsel.

John Kerry ended his acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention with the oft-stated, misused and misunderstood prayer of “God Bless America.” Mr. Kerry, this is the one thing you have said with which I agree.

May God bless America and keep us from the future envisioned by you and your liberal elite, and may God bless America and keep us from the economic, physical and spiritual consequences of the harmful agenda advanced by the homosexuals and abortionists who support you.

I am fearful for the future of our country and, more importantly, for our children and for our cherished freedoms. I am in a unique position to see and know more than most people about the results of the America envisioned by John Kerry.

A year and a half ago, I left a lucrative, stable career as a commercial litigator in New York City to join the ranks of the nonprofit attorneys fighting the secularization of America by the American Civil Liberties Union, and Americans United for the Separation of Church and State, and fighting the destruction of our families and corruption of our youth by homosexual activist organizations.

Since February of this year, when San Francisco began “marrying” same-sex couples, I have been immersed in reports, studies and articles about the destructive lifestyle and agenda of homosexual activists.

Since January of this year, when I launched the Day of Purity – a day for students around the world who are committed to abstinence to make their voice heard – I have realized the truly life-threatening agenda of groups like Planned Parenthood who push their “safe-sex” campaigns on unsuspecting children (and uninformed parents).

Can we honestly believe that John Kerry would think twice about legalizing same-sex marriage when he has received a highly favorable rating by homosexual activist organizations, and Barney Frank says that homosexuals do in fact have an agenda and it will be advanced through this Democratic Party?

That agenda includes forcing Americans to shun any limits on sexual expression and sexual activity, which leads to a large percentage of homosexual males having between 100 to 500 sexual lifetime partners, 8,000 teens infected with a sexually transmitted disease each day in America, and epidemic levels of incurable STDs among the homosexual community.

It also leads to the silencing and demonizing of those who hold conservative values. Let’s face it, when the Democratic Party refers to the hatemongering bigots of the far right, it is not referring to those few who carry signs with disgusting slogans like “God hates fags.” No, the Democratic Party means you and me – anyone who believes in moral absolutes and that some things simply are wrong.

Since when does being a “bigot” mean opposing schools telling our children that homosexuality and early sexual experimentation is normal and healthy? Based on what I see in the courtrooms across America, and in the homosexual literature, if the “right-wing conservatives” – as the Democrats like to label us – do not fight during this presidential campaign like there is no tomorrow, there just may not be a tomorrow where we can speak publicly about what we believe.

I also ask you, can we honestly believe that John Kerry would do anything to protect the innocent unborn babies when Planned Parenthood openly supports him? The fact that Planned Parenthood didn’t even raise an eyebrow when John Kerry recently proclaimed that life begins at conception is because it was said with a wink and a nod – Planned Parenthood knows John Kerry supports killing the unborn by those who believe a baby is a mere inconvenience and by those who create and destroy the babies solely to harvest the stem cells.

Cases in point:

  • A recent New York Times story featured the a woman carrying healthy twins who chose to kill one of them because she really only wanted one child.

  • And just how debased is Planned Parenthood’s agenda? A visit to Planned Parenthood’s website offers you the opportunity to purchase the “I Had An Abortion” T-shirt, chocolate candies shaped like birth-control packs and condoms in “multiple styles, attractive colors and fun scents.”

  • On their site for teens (Teenwire) our children can have “experts” answer their sex questions. A couple of recent questions asked what “women” get out of “giving a man a handjob or oral sex” and how can I make anal sex more comfortable for my girlfriend.

There is an intense battle taking place in America for our future. To whom the victory will go depends on how the following question is answered at the ballot box in November: Do the Democrats hate George Bush and all those who hold conservative, traditional values more than we love the inalienable rights given to us by our Creator and memorialized in our Constitution?

As for me, I believe America can turn back the tide of secularization and social destruction. The only way to do that is to vote for George W. Bush. If we do not have a president who will stand for life and who shuns moral relativism, our families and children will be destroyed. When the fabric of culture falls, it will not matter whether you agree with the president’s plans for the economy, war, homeland security or health care.

Mr. Kerry, I too pray that God blesses America and keeps you from gaining office.

Rena M. Lindevaldsen is senior litigation counsel with Liberty Counsel.