Sheik rails against Muslims’ cell phones

By WND Staff

A TV talk-show host in United Arab Emirates has spoken out against the “immorality” of cell phones that play Beethoven and Mozart music in Muslim mosques.

Sheik Said Al-Zayyati, who hosts a talk show on Al-Sharija TV in Sharija, UAE, lambasted those who program Western music as rings for their cell phones, according to the Middle East Media Research Institute TV Monitor Project, or MEMRI TV. The organization’s site features a video clip of Al-Zayyati’s denouncement.

“My brother, these people [cell phone users], may Allah guide them to the path of righteousness, are destroying our worship,” he told viewers.

“You circle the Ka’ba, [a holy shrine in Mecca] and the phones do not cease playing Beethoven, Mozart. …” he said. “This immorality has even penetrated mosques, and therefore we are ask all those who use these devices and bring them into the mosques to be God-fearing. My brother, why don’t you put just [makes imitation of simple cell-phone ring] and that’s it. Why do you need this [another imitation of ring tone].”

Muslims on pilgrimage to Mecca circle the Ka’ba as part of their rituals.