WND columnist to speak at GOP confab?

By WND Staff

WorldNetDaily columnist Hans Zeiger is one of 10 young Americans who are competing for the chance to give a speech at this month’s Republican National Convention in New York City.

Hans Zeiger

The Republican convention has partnered with MTV to sponsor the “Stand Up and Holla!” contest. According to the convention’s website, over 1,000 young people age 18-24 submitted essays for consideration. Zeiger, who resides in Puyallup, Wash., is one of the finalists whose videos are featured on the site.

Besides viewing each finalist’s profile, visitors can vote for the person they believe deserves to represent the “MTV Generation” at the GOP convention.

Though the site says the winner “gets to watch the action from the floor of Madison Square Garden” at the convention, Zeiger tells WND the person with the most votes will actually give a speech before the gathering of Republican faithful.

“The finalists’ essays are inspiring, thought-provoking and a credit to their generation,” the site says.

Ballots will be accepted through Aug. 9, and the winner will be announced on MTV’s “Total Request Live” Aug. 16.

An Eagle Scout, Zeiger, 19, is president and founder of the Scout Honor Coalition, a student at Hillsdale College in Michigan, and author of a forthcoming book about the Boy Scouts in the culture war.

Go to the convention website to vote.