Kerry’s toast

By Joseph Farah

I was wrong.

When I’m wrong, I admit it. And I was wrong.

I was wrong when I predicted months ago that John F. Kerry would likely be our next president.

I based my prediction on the fact that George W. Bush was a disappointing president and showed no signs of having a re-election plan in mind.

That assessment hasn’t changed at all. Bush hasn’t done a thing to shore up his base or to energize the American people about his re-election.

But something dramatic has occurred since my prognostication.

Kerry’s despicable war record – and, worse yet, his post-war record – is becoming known to the American people thanks to some heroic Vietnam vets who made it their mission to get the truth about this phony, this fraud, this fake “hero.”

If the voting public sees one 60-second TV commercial produced by the Swift Boat Vets for Truth, I feel confident even loyal Democrats will abandon John Fonda Kerry.

I thought I knew Kerry – having followed his career for the last 33 years. Even I did not understand the depths of depravity and deceit to which this man has plunged in his life.

It’s amazing.

I think Kerry is going to rue the day he ever decided to run for president. Not only is he going to lose in a landslide to an undistinguished incumbent, he’s going to be humiliated. Teresa hitched her billion-dollar wagon to the wrong star. I hope for her sake that pre-nup is solid.

This guy’s going nowhere fast. He may have trouble getting re-elected to the Senate in Massachusetts when these vets get finished with him. He may not carry his home state in 2004.

There’s something very compelling about the idea of dozens of solid men to go out on a limb, as these vets have done, and tell the honest truth about a guy who could very well be president – someone who could make life very nice for them. But, instead, they just tell the flat-out truth. They let the chips fall where they may. They take the risky, controversial path – one for which they cannot possibly derive any benefit.

They tell a simple, straightforward story: Kerry lied. He lied about everything. He lied about his wounds. He lied about his actions in Vietnam. He lied to get medals. He lied about what he did with his medals. He lied about atrocities. He lied before the Senate. He lied to his own men. He abandoned and betrayed his comrades.

Kerry is Clintonesque in that he seems to lie even when there is no point in lying. It comes naturally to him. He seems to be a congenital liar with no moral compass whatsoever.

On the other hand, what these vets say is all very believable – because these men have no reason to lie. They have every reason to get behind their most famous friend – even if they didn’t like him, even if they thought he was no good. He could help them immensely – if they just shut up and let Kerry make up his own history. But they are standing up to be counted because they actually believe in something bigger than themselves – something called the United States of America.

All that’s left to do for the rest of us on the sidelines is to make sure the real heroes have enough financial resources to tell their story to as many of the American people as will listen.

To do that, we all owe them our sacrificial contributions to show that 60-second commercial across America – to show it over and over and over again, until no American can avoid being confronted with the truth about John Kerry.

To tell you the truth, this is one time I’m happy I was wrong.