Librarian fired for refusing Sunday work

By WND Staff

A librarian fired for refusing to work on Sundays filed a lawsuit against her employer.

Rolling Hills Consolidated Library in Missouri fired Connie Rehm for insubordination after she asked to no longer be scheduled to work on Sundays because of her religious beliefs.

“The library has apparently decided to require an employee to violate her conscience,” said Kevin Theriot, an attorney with the Kansas City office of the Alliance Defense Fund, which is defending Rehm. “We intend to make sure that this discrimination against her based upon her religious beliefs is corrected.”

Library officials claim they made an attempt to accommodate Rehm by allowing a part-time employee to volunteer to work for her on Sundays, in return for her working on Saturdays.

Theriot claims that argument is a “smokescreen.”

“The library didn’t allow sufficient time for other employees to volunteer, and they plainly stated that, even if someone did, they wouldn’t necessarily approve the request,” he said.

Theriot argues Title VII of the Federal Civil Rights Act states that an employee’s request for accommodation based upon a sincere religious belief can only be denied if the employer can demonstrate that the request would cause undue hardship.

The lawsuit claims that the library has not made its case for denying Rehm’s request and, additionally, went too far in firing her for insubordination.

“The library has been covering the bases on Sundays just fine since they fired Mrs. Rehm,” Theriot said. “Why weren’t they able to accommodate her prior to that?”