Hollywood lunges for white South Africa

By WND Staff

Apparently there are no Manchurians in “The Manchurian Candidate,” a Hollywood remake that has just been released, starring Denzel Washington and Meryl Streep. But there is a white South African, cast as the villain.

In the last James Bond movie, the baddie was a North Korean who had himself surgically transformed into a Caucasian in a Cuban laboratory of all places. But given the leftward slide in the entertainment industry, some pressure groups might even picket Tinseltown because an upright communist citizen from either country was portrayed as a mad scientist or drug mogul.

“Hollywood wants to find villains that won’t get them heat from racial-ethnic advocacy groups and who will still ‘work’ with audiences. White South Africans are a safe bet because they are not racial minorities and they can be presented as racist,” says Stephanie Larson, a political science professor at Dickinson College.

As early as 1995, Donald Bellisario, who produced such television series as “Magnum P.I.,” “Quantum Leap,” and “JAG,” stated that, “There’s only two classes of people you can portray as a villain on a television action-adventure show anymore, and that would be the Russians or white, middle-class Americans.”

Obviously, Bellisario failed to mention white, middle-class South Africans. As for our not being a racial minority, it suffices to tell you that there are 600 million blacks in sub-Saharan Africa and only 5 million whites still clinging onto the South of the continent while their kin have been expelled from most African countries. The latest example having been a place called Zimbabwe, ruled by the African dictator Robert Mugabe who confiscated all land belonging to white farmers.

In exchange for their assets, he promised them “safe conduct to the nearest airport” which turned out to be not so safe as some of them got attacked on the street in broad daylight. As you may imagine, Zimbabwe attracts few Western tourists these days, even though it has a magnificent waterfall and game parks. That the game in the parks have now been cruelly trapped and decimated by a famished populace, is but one nasty side effect of Mugabe’s insane and racist policies.

In most Hollywood films, including “The Manchurian Candidate,” Africans and blacks are invariably depicted as heroes. Robert Mugabe will never make it into a movie script. Yet Hollywood finds it appropriate to stereotype white South Africans who are on the receiving end of ethnic and racial persecution as bad as that suffered by the Jews in 1930s Germany. Over the last 10 years, 1,600 Afrikaner farmers have been raped, tortured and killed in a wave of so-called farm attacks, not to forget the many thousands who are held up, robbed, sexually assaulted, shot and knifed to death in a country that is starting to emulate the entropy of African failed states such as Liberia, Sierra Leone and Congo.

Afrikaners, who constitute 60 percent of white South Africans, also suffer linguistic and cultural persecution. The 350-year history of their people has been proscribed in public schools and replaced with a pastiche of Nelson Mandela’s biography and the official history of the South African Communist Party. This is hardly surprising, as the government panel that rewrote the school history books in South Africa was packed with self-proclaimed Marxist academic historians. Quite a few of them received grants from American universities to construct their fantasies about South Africa’s past.

New legislation will prohibit any white South African from owning the majority share in any business, even a family business, within the next decade. This fundamental infringement of our economic right to earn a living has been justified by the Orwellian label, “broad-based black economic empowerment.”

Maybe Adolf Hitler provided a motto for the film studios when he said, “The most brilliant propaganda technique must confine itself to a few points and repeat them over and over.”

The vast majority of white South Africans are decent, God-fearing people who run for cover when you pronounce the R-word too close to them. Such a reaction is only natural, after years of being universally vilified by ignorant media types who prefer to switch the reality for the fiction, and vice versa. The corrupt South African government, most of whose cabinet members are still card-carrying communists, knows that Hollywood, the New York Times and BBC-TV are on their side, so they can get away with their ludicrous dictates – from imposing racial quotas on sports teams to the current nationalization program in South African agriculture, masquerading as “affirmative action.”

Ironically, the planet-wide culture war feels just like a Hollywood movie. Except that, most of the time the good guys lose to the likes of Robert Mugabe or Fidel Castro. In this real-life movie they call the shots. Mrs. Grace Mugabe, the wife of the Zimbabwean dictator, regularly spends a hundred thousand dollars in a few days on a shopping trip to London. The only reason why she does not have her own talk show on BBC-TV is probably because she has not bothered to ask.

True to form, the BBC hates white South Africans even more than Hollywood does. Just last year, an innocent rugby player by the name of Geo Cronje had the BBC-TV foaming at the mouth as it hysterically accused him of being a ghoulish racist. His crime? For one, he is a big man and wears a beard, which made him look like the Boer fighters that had frequently humiliated the numerically vastly superior British forces during the Anglo-Boer war. Secondly, he asked to switch rooms during a training camp to be with a friend. The friend happened to be white and the player he would have shared his room with was of mixed race.

This was enough to trigger a frenzied witch-hunt of global proportions from the BBC, a supposedly “neutral” news source. Not only the hapless Cronje, but all white South Africans got showered in buckets full of vitriol. Of course, when the player concerned was exonerated by a subsequent official hearing into the matter – imagine a hearing after asking to switch rooms with someone! – the BBC did not offer any apologies for its previous attack of anti-white, anti-Afrikaner paranoia.

I think I will give “The Manchurian Candidate” a miss and read a good book instead. One written by a white South African.

Dan Roodt is an Afrikaner author and commentator, living in Johannesburg, South Africa. He has also published novels and essays in Afrikaans and will soon bring out a 400-page collection of his columns in that language.