Kill the vermin before they kill us

By Barbara Simpson

It’s like living in a crumbling mansion. The foundation is fine, but the termites in the walls and the rats in the basement and attic are destroying everything – sight unseen. Their insidious demolition is carried out persistently and silently, often in darkness and always out of sight.

Ultimately, they’ll bring down the house and, when they do, they’ll wonder what happened, as the structure collapses around their ears. No matter – they’ll go on to another building.

Occasionally, they leave clues to their presence even if their damage isn’t immediately seen. There are droppings. There are bits of sawdust. This isn’t normal debris to find in corners of a house. Ignore them at great peril. If ignored, a steep price will be paid. If the clues aren’t recognized, those rats and termites will destroy everything.

Our house is infested with rats and termites. Our house is our country, the United States of America. The vermin are terrorists. They want to kill us and destroy what we have. Virtually all are foreigners and a good proportion of those are here illegally.

Sorry, I don’t cut them any slack. They should be caught and shot.

Despite the fact that terrorists aim to kill and destroy us, there are others who, by the nature of who they are and their actions, should be called traitors. They are fellow American citizens who aid and abet terrorists. They are equally dangerous and guilty, and should also be caught and shot.

It’s clear the danger to us from terrorism comes from without and within. A glance at news stories of just the last few weeks illustrates how incredibly vulnerable we are and how insidious are the seeds of our destruction.

Judging by recent news stories – those covered and those ignored – our enemies are achieving a level of infiltration that more than scares the wits out of me. I’m not alone in believing we’re on very thin ice concerning our security and survival. When I talk with people close to security issues, they express the same concerns. I take that seriously. We’re in great danger.


  • Babar Ahmad, arrested last week in Britain, is identified as part of al-Qaida linked to 9-11. It’s been discovered he had data in his computers with about a U.S. naval group in San Diego – details about the aircraft carrier USS Constellation and accompanying ships along with details of ship movements, assignments, group formations and vulnerabilities.

  • Another British arrest yields information about a plot to target U.S. financial buildings. That led to the raised terror alerts in New York, New Jersey and Washington, D.C.

  • A federal sting in Albany, N.Y., nets two Muslim leaders of a local mosque, the founder and the imam. They’re accused of being part of a deal for Islamic militants to buy a shoulder-fired missile to be used to kill the Pakistani ambassador to the United States. It’s also been reported that the name of one of them – Yassin Aref, the imam – was found in documents in a terrorist camp in Iraq last year. It listed his New York address and indicated that the al-Qaida-linked Ansar al-Islam has a terrorist presence here.

  • In Illinois, an illegal from Jordan is charged with lying about his status to get a pilots license. His six-month visa expired in 1996. He applied for the license in May 2002, claiming he was a citizen born in a Chicago suburb. Less than a week later, the Federal Aviation Administration approved his application.

  • There’s a 21-count indictment against four men for the organized theft of 200 pounds of explosives – including “det sheet,” C4 and bomb-making equipment including blasting caps and detonation cord – from a Northern California police and sheriff locker. The accused have felony records; there are no immigration issues. There were eight such incidents in California last year.

  • The Border Patrol and citizens report increased numbers of illegals from the Middle East crossing our southern borders. Mainstream media generally ignore this.

  • A Pakistani woman from South Africa was stopped at an airport in Texas with a ticket to New York and $7,000 in cash. She’d flown from London to Mexico City. Her bag was stuffed with wet clothes – she’d illegally crossed the Rio Grande River. She’s a suspected key al-Qaida operative.

  • A 42-count indictment in California names a Texas-based Muslim “charity” for raising millions for Hamas.

  • In Arizona, an illegal-immigrant assistance group trains Americans to help illegals evade our laws and get free medical, housing, food, financial and legal assistance. They encourage church participation.

It’s endless. Yet, the Democrat presidential campaign ignores this festering sore to focus on “woulda-shoulda-coulda” and “gosh, I was a hero.”

None of that matters. What does matter is our security and the survival of our country and, indeed, Western Civilization. Al-Qaida threatens to burn Italy and turn Australia into pools of blood.

There’s only one, foolproof way to be rid of rats and termites: Kill them – instantly. It’s the same with terrorists: Kill them before they kill us because that is their goal.