Madonna to travel to Israel in September

By Aaron Klein

After recently canceling two concerts in the Jewish state due to alleged terror threats, pop diva Madonna said yesterday she intends to embark on a spiritual journey to Israel to rejuvenate her spirits and absorb “positive Kabbalah energy” from the “upper world.”

According to Britain’s Sun, after her re-invention tour ends in Europe this month, the singer will accompany her husband, two children and other members of the Kabbalah Center on an “energy tour,” which starts in September, the holiest month in the Jewish calendar.

Staunch followers of the Kabbalah religion believe the pilgrimage enables sinners to undo their past misdeeds and begin afresh in life.

Madonna also recently announced that she’s funding a $22 million Kabbalist grammar school for children, which is due to open at the end of the year and will teach students the beliefs of the mystical Jewish faith. The religious instruction is to be incorporated into a normal school curriculum.

“The school has been a dream of Madonna’s for some time,” a source said. “Education means a lot to her, and she was keen to make the most of her money by leaving a lasting mark as well as helping kids.”

In May, Madonna canceled a series of concerts she was supposed to perform in Israel after reportedly receiving a series of written threats that included “specific information on the movements of her, her children and the people around her.”

“The threats were very detailed and sent in the name of a Palestinian terror group,” a source close to the entertainer said at the time.

A high-ranking Israeli security official told WorldNetDaily he is suspicious the threats actually came from any Palestinian terror group.

“These threats would be out of character for Hamas and Islamic Jihad. And why [Madonna], not the many, many other artists who have performed in Israel the past few years?”

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