Will you trust your children’s future to liberals?

By Mychal Massie

My question to John Kerry would be: “If, as you are on record saying, you are in the process of recasting yourself as a strong, decisive leader – a war time leader – what the heck were you six months ago? And what would you morph into were you elected president?” I don’t want a president who constantly recasts himself – I want one with clarity of purpose and objectives.

I neither believe nor respect a candidate who runs from his record like a witch from water. Nor do I believe an on-the-record flip-flopper who shows up every four years to tell us how bad things are, and how he is the only one who can turn things around.

Which brings me to my point. I’ve been blessed by the Creator to enjoy the fruits of the labors of strong men and women of short generations ago. And I want the same for my child and his children. I don’t want my son to raise a family in a country where government is viewed as responsible for creating jobs. I want my child to live in the robust economy brought about and spurred on by men and women of vision, willing to risk all to create and build.

I envision an America where the children of today dare to dream of becoming industrial giants and legends. An America where children of today have a strong, unapologetic belief in self-advancement – not an acceptance that “government will do it for me.”

I expect my son to look to the future with the faith of John Wesley, the courage of Lewis and Clark as they braved the vast new wilderness we now call the West, and the determined vision of the men who provided America with jobs.

I don’t want his world to be dependent upon a Stalinist government dictating what he can achieve. Nor do I want him to suffer a government that increasingly penalizes him for being successful after he has assumed all of the risks of becoming successful.

I do not want my child’s children to be shackled by inferior public schools. I want his children to have the bar of education raised – not lowered. I want them to accept the challenge of hard work, increased study regimens, along with the reality of failure for failing work.

I want his children to be prepared for the universities by qualified teachers who are fully certified academicians in their own right, not just pawns and puppets of the National Education Association.

I want my grandchildren to be academically challenged to the very limits of their abilities – not given meaningless grades that in no way prepare them to compete on a national scale, much less a global one.

I want him and his wife to be responsible for my grandchildren’s sexual awareness. I don’t want teacher unions and homosexuals in the public schools usurping said parental responsibility. I want his children to look at their teachers aware they are pro family – i.e., man, woman, child(ren) – pro-God Almighty and pro America.

I want my child to gain entrance into the university of his choice because he has sacrificed the mall, the weekend excursions and that which accomplishes nothing for good grades and solid test scores.

I want him to take charge of his own retirement plans – not be limited by government mandates. Why should he be forced to allow the government to give him a return on his money that barely keeps pace with his bank’s passbook savings accounts?

I want him and his children to live in a country where the president and administration are loyal, proud Americans – who do not view being Americans as something to apologize for. A country where the president is proud to say “One nation under God” – not a phony that insultingly salutes the flag and those who defend our freedoms with veiled contempt.

I dream of a future for my children where the president, the courts and the Congress do not genuflect before the throne of the United Nations, a future where the courts do not overrule the will of the people.

I want my child to be more proud of the leader of his country than the quarterback of a losing sports team.

My question to you the readers is: If you want the same things for your children and grandchildren, why would you ever vote for a phony liberal elitist?