Mike Wallace arrested for arguing ticket

By WND Staff

Mike Wallace

Mike Wallace, 86, the star of CBS’ “60 Minutes,” was handcuffed, arrested and charged with disorderly conduct tonight in New York.

Wallace was picking up a meat loaf dinner at a restaurant when two Taxi & Limousine Commission inspectors started questioning the driver of the vehicle in which Wallace was riding. The car was reportedly double-parked at East 79th Street and 3rd Avenue.

As the driver was being questioned, Wallace exited the restaurant, Luke’s Bar & Grill. When he saw what was happening, the inspectors said he “began to interfere,” according to a spokesman for the commission.

“He became overly assertive and was reported to be disrespectful to the inspectors,” Allan Fromberg told Newsday. “He was asked three times to step away from the vehicle and cease interfering. At one point Mr. Wallace appeared to lunge toward one of the two inspectors. The other inspector became concerned with his partner’s safety and at that point cuffed Mr. Wallace.”

But Luigi Militello, owner of Luke’s, said that when Wallace, a regular at his restaurant, stepped outside to talk to the inspectors one of them told Wallace, “Don’t give me any lip.”

Ernesto Cavalli, owner of Due, a restaurant next door, backed up Militello’s account, adding that Wallace replied, “I’m not giving any lip.”

“He kind of stepped back and asked, ‘I would like to know what happened,'” Cavalli said. “The TLC officer grabbed his shirt and pushed him very strongly against the car and handcuffed him.” Cavalli said the inspector then turned to the crowd and said, “Anybody else?”

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