Jewish Television plans launch

By WND Staff

Hoping for a 2005 launch date, Jewish Television, or JTV, a 24-hour national Jewish network, is in discussions with major cable and satellite providers to carry the network as a digital basic service.

In a statement, JTV CEO John Odoner, a New York attorney, said: “The programming strategy is news and reality-driven, yet ‘not just news and not just Jews.’ With a distinctive slant on current events and cultural trends, JTV can target adults 18-49 with a mix of news, comedy, reality shows, business, sports, movies, music, religion, health and Hollywood.

“Certain programs naturally will carry a unique Jewish perspective, which happens to be entertaining to a much broader audience. So mix one part Fox News Channel with one part Comedy Central, MTV and ESPN, add a special editorial voice, stir thoroughly and you have JTV.”

Odoner promises programming that is “bold, accurate and unapologetic,” and says the network will target “upscale audience demographics.”

Elie Rosenfeld, who works in advertising targeted to Jews, said, “There is no better presently underserved, targetable audience: The Jewish community is simply an interested, ample and especially desirable audience from an advertiser’s perspective.”

Executives of JTV are confident the channel’s programming will appeal to a larger base of viewers beyond just the Jewish community. The network lists the following as some of the shows it plans to offer:

  • “Two Jews, Three Opinions,” a Crossfire-type show that will celebrate the international food fight that sometimes characterizes Jewish political discourse;

  • “Jewishly Incorrect,” a borderline-edgy, comedic political commentary show;

  • Jewish televangelism, hosted by a hip, provocative Gen X rabbi delivering timeless guidance suitable for all peoples;

  • “Nice Jewish Boyz,” a Jewish man show which will smash the myth of the over-mothered Jewish male;

  • “Genesis 9:0,” a Bible quiz gGame show which builds upon the Bible game craze sweeping high schools and college campuses; and

  • A music video show hosted by Juliette Powell, who as both an on-air celebrity and show producer (through her company PIE, Inc.) created literally thousands of live shows over a 10-year period for Much Music, City TV and Musique Plus in Canada. Powell says JTV “has the potential to become the Jewish BET.”

According to Fox News Live strategic analyst John Loftus, “While it will not be the Jewish Al-Jazeera, it will be a network with ‘attitude’ appealing to individuals of every faith.”

Gen. Paul Vallely, a Fox News Channel military analyst said, “JTV will help in getting the message out about terrorism and the global war on terror.”

The statement from JTV says Odoner has been developing the network for two years.